Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
8 January 2021

Day 5 – Finally some wind!

Holy hump day dear readers! And well shiver me timbers (old nautical expression), time does get away when you’re having fun. BBQ bacon and egg rolls on the teak deck, as the sun rises over Magnetic Island anyone? What an absolutely superb way to start the day. How about a rope swing and swim to cap off the forenoon? Approved. Whilst we do seem to be spoiling these marvelous young Australians, dear readers… We are certainly working them hard when its time to work.

Having said that, on weighing anchor and clearing Horseshoe Bay, it was straight into sail theory class presented by your humble narrator. General sailing principles were covered then more specific YE guidance and data was transmitted, all in the name of prepping them for their Command Day, which is right around the corner… Then it was “hands to tacking stations” and tack tack tack, back and forth and back and forth. For the first time on the voyage, we found a wee puff of wind coming from the northeast (yes, Reggie, Jordo and our Navigators hunted it down!) and without missing a beat we set a nice sail plan and conducted tacking drills, then rotational tacks. Rotational tacks is conducted so our Youth Crew know and understand what everyone else does when we need to tack the ship. Setting them up for success folks!

BTW Duck with ginger and plum sauce was on the dinner menu tonight. Just thought I’d mention that and give a well deserved shout out to my favourite staff member, Adam the chef. I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but… he said I could have extra ice cream if I give him a mention. ha.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, as the milky way lights up the sky with Scorpio overhead and the rising Saturn as a temporary headmark, our ship continues SE towards the Whitsunday Islands. Our watchkeepers will be very active overnight with special teamwork activities facilitated by our highly skilled watch leaders, designed to test every individual. Our patented leadership, communication and resilience training amps up tonight. You realise these young men and women will never be the same again don’t you? Yours Aye, Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


19 20.1 S / 147 35.6 E


Weather: Fine and beautiful clear night. Temp: 19. Wind: NE @ 5. Swell: Nil.