Captain's Log
20 June 2016

Day 5 – Departed Harvey Bay

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. A well rested Youth Crew were awoken by Sail Master Kenny at 0630 and mustered up on deck for an early morning activity where they were greeted by clear blue skies, which was a big change from the torrential rain and gale force winds experienced yesterday.

Following the normal early morning activities of breakfast, morning brief and cleaning stations everyone was given some downtime so that they could wash some clothes or just hang things out to dry which were still wet from yesterday’s drenching.

We had originally planned to ferry the Youth Crew ashore later this morning but regrettably we were still experiencing an unpleasant swell within Harvey Bay which made it to dangerous to launch the RHIB and conduct boat operations so this activity was cancelled, which surprisingly did not seem to worry the Youth Crew at all.

Lunch quickly followed with everyone devouring another one of Chef Jenko’s amazing lunches. At 1230 we weighed anchor, set fore and aft sail and in moderate north westerly conditions commenced our passage out of Harvey Bay. During this passage I took the opportunity to sit everyone down and midships and impart some knowledge on sail theory and the intricacies on how to sail Young Endeavour. Once completed we put this theory into practice by bring nine of the Youth Crew at a time to the bridge and gave a practical demonstration on how to tack the ship. This activity took us through until nearly 1530 and by that time it was time to settle back into watches for the night.

The time is now 2100 and we are currently located 34nm to the north of the township of Harvey Bay sailing under fore and aft sail in moderate WSW winds with very little swell. Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX which is a teamwork and communication exercise while we continue to make good speed to Lady Musgrave Is where we plan to anchor tomorrow morning.

Volunteering to write an entry into the Captains Log for this evening is Jack and Josh from White Watch with a number of Shout Outs from other members of the Youth Crew.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


6:30 wake up:

We all had a sudden 6:30 wake up to a sunny beautiful morning, where everyone boarded the decks and walked in circles like mindless baboons. We all played a game of Evolution; suggested by Kenny. We all had breakfast. Colours ceremony,(conducted by White Watch; Jessica B, Hayley, Steffi, Sophie H, Rhyss, Josh, Nick, Jack W and Asher), everyone joined in with the Australian Anthem. A morning brief was conducted by Kenny, with a special guest appearance of ‘The Tangalooma Princess’. The ‘Princess’ had us all sing a song. Then it was that time again, HAPPY HOUR!!…

After Happy Hour we had time to ourselves till 12ish, where many of us took the time to wash and dry our clothes, and many others also chillaxed. We all then faced the most fearsome CHALLENGE OF DOOM. Dun.dun.dun…We had to climb…TO THE TOPGALLAT YARD (The highest point on the 33 metre fore mast). Many people were a bit scared, whilst others were thrill seekers. Not many people had taken photos, from up above, but many were taken down below. The last 10 or so people rushed down to eat their scrumpdidylyumptious lunch.

After lunch we weighed anchor, and departed Harvey Bay for Lady Musgrave Island. We then all attended the fabulous rope races, where we literally had to find the ropes mentioned by Horto by yelling out the names..We had a tie where it came down to the decision of THE FRUIT OFF!! In which the competitors had to scoff down the whole pear and leave the stalk to show Horto. Red Watch won that fruit off, but Blue Watch won the race itself. Come on White watch. Then a wise man came thumping down the steps with a white board marker, heading towards the young crew members.

That man was Captain Gav. He spoke to the inspiring young crew on how a sails work, with his ‘fantastic’ sketches. We took note of this information and further improved our knowledge, and used it practically during the unfolding of the sails, and demonstrations of tacking the ship. Afterwards, we had some more time to ourselves, and then Red Watch took a watch at 4pm, following with the relaxation of the other watches, where many got Artsy. We then all had dinner. Red Watch was then relieved by White Watch. Josh and Jack Wright were currently writing this out for your entertainment.

Shout outs:

From Jack Wright

“Hey Mum, Dad, Kelsea, Tobias, Georgia and the rest of the family and friends, everything is doing fabutastic, I have overcome some challenges. I climbed to the highest point of the mast and had taken plenty of selfies and photos. I have been sea sick, but I’m gradually getting better. The charging parts don’t work, but don’t worry; I have still the handy hat. Last night was pretty hectic and full on, with howling winds and thunderbolts from Zeus; it was like watching a movie in 4-D. I can’t wait to see you guys again. I miss and love you all. See you all on Sunday with some great stories. “

-Jack Wright

From Josh:

“G’day Mum, dad and Danny. Everything is going great and I haven’t gotten sea sick at all which is a huge plus. The climbing up the masts in the pitch blackness, pouring rain and howling winds have been a challenge over the past few days and the clear open skies have been well greeted. I hope everyone is travelling well back home and I’ll see you guys soon.”

“Hey Hey Erin, I hope you have been travailing alright over the past few days, I’ve been trying to take photos for you but I’m not sure how I’m going with that. I’ll get there though. The letters you have given me have been great and I hope it has been the same for you, despite they came out a bit messy. The trip so far has been great even though we have had some bad storms; it has all cleared up now so no need to worry. See you soon, I miss you.”

(Hope I haven’t missed anything out!)


Sophie H-H
“Happy Birthday Mum! Hope your day was as fab as mine with sunny skies! Having a blast! Hope EVERYONE is doing well, see y’all soon. Xoxo GG ”


“Hey mum, hope you’re doing well, just wanted to let you know I’m having a fantastic time aboard! Can you let Tilda and Nathan know they smell? All my love, Steffi xx


“Hey mum, I’m having an amazing time. This is one of the best experiences I’ve had even with some dodgy weather. I’ll be home before you know it.”


“To Nic: 14 9 3 8 15 16 5 25 15 21 18 5 23 5 12 12 8 1 22 9 14 7 1 2 12 1 19 20 4 15 14 20 20 15 21 3 8 13 25 19 20 21 6 6 –Love Ben”


“Hey, mum and any cubs reading, did get seasick quite badly, better now and really enjoying my time even though I have been sick, the others are great and I would recommend this to everyone it is such a great experience, see you when I get back.”


“Hey mum and Tay, I hope you’ve been having a great time, I’m missing you heaps. I got seasick for a few days and absolutely soaked sleeping on the deck in the rain, feeling better now with sunny skies and smooth sailing. Can’t wait to see you both when I get back.”

Amazeballs Captain Log by Jack and Josh.


24 36 S / 152 45