Captain's Log
15 November 2013

Day 5 – Crossing the Tasman

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship remained on a WNW course on the starboard tack. During the middle watch the wind abated to less than 10 knots and all sail was handed in to protect the rigging from being flogged. During the morning watch the wind strengthened again to 18 knots from the NNE and all fore and aft sails were again set.The sunrise was enjoyed by the White Watch from the lower top, before they woke the crew with Daniel on guitar and the voices of the rest of the watch singing the attached song. Morning brief kicked-off at 0900 and was visited by ‘Salty the Seadog’ who, through the use of Staffy actors, explained the reason we ‘split the dog watches’, and Nana who again had collected the various items of clothing the youth crew had left lying around in their sleeping spaces and handed them out in a ‘parade of shame!’ She then taught us another song. This time it was ‘When I was 1 I sucked my thumb and ran away to sea.’ That was followed by the usual Happy Hour.Just before lunch I gave part 2 of my sail theory presentation, in which I talked about developing a sail plan, go and no-go apparent wind zones for the square and fore-and-aft sails, the consequences of a poor sail plan resulting in either excessive weather helm or lee helm.After lunch we gave the youth crew some free time to catch a few ZZZs, do some washing or just chill on deck. At 1430 Sumo held round 2 of Rope Races, which was followed by Rotational Tacks. This is where the watches rotate through the positions of the other watches at Tacking Stations so when the crew are re-organised for Command Day they have some idea what each watch does when the ship tacks or wears.During the afternoon the wind backed to a NNWesterly direction and reduced to 10 knots. This had the effect of reducing our speed made good to under 7 knots.Until tomorrow.Yours AyeCaptain MikeWHITE WATCH WAKEY WAKEY SONG – FRI 15 Nov. 13Now it’s time to wake up nowWake up now, wake up nowNow it’s time to wake up nowTo sail the Tasman SeaWe’ve been up since 4am4am, 4amNow we want some baconBecause we are hungryBacon, bacon………..   “ 


38° 30' South / 166° 51' East


Weather: overcast, Wind: 335 / 12 kn, Swell: NNW / 1.5 m, Temp: 15 deg. C