Captain's Log
V10/21 Airlie Beach to Mackay
14 August 2021

Day 5 – Brampton and whales ho!

Ahoy there, me hearties… Day 5 found us at sea having spent the night motoring into the wind, bound for our next stop. Youth crew took advantage of the sea watches to practice their new-found navigation skills, as well as a wee climb of the foremast for sunrise. Frankie and Georgia loosed the squares and had a couple of tacvoms (tactical vomits) while they were up there. Once back on deck, the topgallant and topsail were set (funny, I didn’t remember them being that colour!) 😉 then we turned downwind for a sweet square-run into Brampton Island, dodging whales on the way.

After our morning brief and happy hour, I threw the life ring over the side for some man overboard recovery training. Tori the Nav, as well as our Youthies all did a great job manoeuvering and handing-in sail. Objectives met, we then proceeded to anchor in the lee of the island. The wind had been strengthening for several hours so a sheltered anchorage was right up our alley. Being a bit windy and wet though, we postponed the shore expedition and instead Jordo and Keithy gave an “International regulations for preventing collisions at sea” brief. Who gives way to whom, keep a good lookout, don’t crash into one another, kind of thing… you dig? Keely then rang the bell for lunch (note to self: oh never mind!).

Rope races was next. You know that non-competitive competition to locate the rope before the other team? What fun! I think Port watch is winning but I can never tell. Your humble narrator then gave a rousing and rather excellent sail theory presentation, if your humbleness can say so… Anyway, they will definitely need that and the collision avoidance info during their command day. Due to continued wooly weather, Keely flashed up the indoor barby and a lovely grill-up was on the dinner menu.. oh, and pavlova 🙂 Well then, apart from a final teamwork activity the youthies will conduct this evening, that’s all she wrote. Of course tomorrow is another day.
Intend remaining at anchor overnight with youthies in anchor watches, and hope to explore the island in the morning. Until then, stay safe readers. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


20 47.7 S / 149 15.5 E


Winid: SE @ 10-15. Swell: Nil. Temp: 18. Weather: Passing showers.