Captain's Log
V04/19 Hobart to Sydney
18 February 2019

Day 5 – Bass Strait, Birthdays and Square Sails

Ahoy shipmates…and welcome to Bass Strait! Good news, the forecast south westerlies have arrived and we are currently under a full press of fore and aft and square sails…quite the impressive sight. It has been another busy day at sea in reasonable conditions for Bass Strait…although the dreaded green goblin has re-emerged. If we are able to maintain current speed we will be off Eden on the NSW south coast mid morning tomorrow…wish us luck! I’ll hand over to the birthday boy to fill in the rest. Fair winds, Captain Kenny——

Captain’s Log – Day 5
Captains log day 5, 18/02/2019, the big day has arrived for one of our special sailors, Ryley (me), as I hit the big one-nine. I was struck down by the mighty sea sickness; it was sicko mode all day long. Ready for the super surprising exclusive birthday boat party my stomach ached and growled until I saw the big white fruity spongy cake. At that moment my struggles went missing in action, and I dove right into that thick jam- filled cake. Making sure all my besties got a taste! The rope races where fast and extravagant and Horto came up out of his engine filled cave with the look of serious business on his face. As soon as Black Betty came on we knew it was gonna be a team verse team fight to the death of who has the smartest boating brains, fastest feet and loudest voices – none of which would have been a problem since red team have all the loud mouths in all of young endeavour. After the rope races the serious sailing began as big Daz struts out to teach as the rules of the road. Then we went into hyperdrive and smashed out the square sails as we ventured off into the great Bass Strait. Once we knew the rules we climbed aloft and headed out on teeth shattering, leg shaking yards to release the square sails. After we did that the boat picked up pace and broke the sound barrier as we held on for dear life as the boat took a gigantic lean…. we hit 9 knots. All round feeling from the crew was healthy optimism with a side of sickness.
Birthday boy Ryley over and out! Beep bop boop….


38 50s / 149 25e


Wind: SW at 18kts Weather: Overcast Swell: SW at 2.0m Course: 020 Speed: 8kts Location: Bass Strait