Captain's Log
V01/21 Sydney to Sydney
17 February 2021

Day 5 – Back to Sea…Sails and Tacks!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 5 already! After a restful night at anchor, we departed Nelson Bay at 0900 and have spent the day under fore and aft sails making our way towards our next destination…Broken Bay. Conditions have abated somewhat…the wind is a consistent 15-20 knots…but the seas are still quite messy with two different swells of around 2 metres. The sailing has been excellent though…we have kept the youth crew busy with round 2 of rope races, a non-competitive (yeah right) activity where they have to identify lines around the ship…much fun and hilarity…with a bit of learning thrown in. During the afternoon we conducted my favourite activity…tacking the ship, completing 3 tacks and a wear (see below). Overnight the youth crew will consolidate their watch on deck skills (helm, lookout, navigation) as well as tackle a challenge set them by their watch leaders, aptly named the ‘bearex’. The gang have provided some more detail below so I’ll leave it there. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———- Ahoy Maties! Day 5 started off with a bang as half of the youthies climbed the foremast to watch the sunrise amidst the rain. As the others slept in, the staffies and the masterchefs (Slicky, Tammy and Eve) were kind enough to prepare a beautiful pancake breakfast for everyone. After we were all fed, we headed to the bridge for Colours followed by our daily brief from the staffies. The staffies put on their acting shoes and gave us an informative performance that left many in shock…it was that bad!:). Funny though. Following our brief, we moved into the happiest part of the day (Happy Hour) as the youthies cleaned the aft, galley and foreward. We then cast the sails and started our course to Broken Bay. As we departed from Nelsons Bay, each watch had a turn sitting on the bowsprit. Getting splashed by the waves as the ocean got rougher, the youthies had a lot of fun but had to pay the price of getting drenched by the oncoming waves. As red watch chilled on the bowsprit, the rest of the crew were put to work setting the main staysail. After some more sails were set we spent the rest of the day sailing towards our destination of Broken Bay. Most of the youthies had a relaxing day lying in the sun on deck. Only a few suffered from sea sickness but most were exhausted from the days prior. Adam made a delightful lunch yet again that helped sustain the crew while we completed ropies (blue watch leading) then were called to tacking station for our first set of tacks. Once we completed the tack, we were hit with the news that we were going the wrong way and had to do it again and again and again. After our second tack, we realised that the staffies were making us practice our tacking skills to prepare us for our upcoming Command Day. We continued sailing for the rest of the day with many falling asleep in the late afternoon. Those who weren’t asleep were either on watch or in the galley playing the guitar and ukuleles on board. Awoken by the news that dinner was ready, the youthies returned to the galley ready for the night to come. Overnight watches will commence again with blue watch being lucky enough to have the “guts” watch from 00:00-04:00 as they welcome in the new day ahead, ensuring we are on course for another fun, yet challenging, day aboard the Young Endeavour. Em & Slicky


33 32s / 151 54e


Wind: SE at 18 knots Weather: Overcast - passing showers. Sea: Moderate Course: 210 Speed: 6 knots Location: Off the central coast.