Captain's Log
4 August 2015

Day 5 – Back in Cadiz

Hi Everyone,                   Welcome to day 5 of our voyage. Well life onboard Young Endeavour is never boring and the past 24hrs has proved that. When you last heard from us we were about to go to anchor just north of the Straits of Gibraltar which we did but didn\’t manage to stay for to long as the conditions were that bad that we dragged our anchor, so we again had to move and try and find another sheltered anchorage not far from the Straits.  That was not as easy as it sounds as in these conditions the only safe place to anchor or go alongside is Cadiz, which given the conditions I decided was our safest option. So to cut a long story short we arrived back in Cadiz at 0300 this morning and are now back alongside waiting for this severe weather system to pass. This should occur within the next 24-36hrs and if all goes to plan we will then depart Cadiz and tackle the Straits of Gibraltar once again.  While we are here we will be continuing with our training program, topping up with fuel and fresh water and looking after some ship repairs that need to be looked at prior to sailing again.  All of the Youth Crew remain in high spirits with all looking forward to the challenges and adventures ahead.  Until tomorrow, take care.  Yours Aye  Captain Gav              


36° 31' North / 6° 17' West


Currently alongside in Cadiz