Captain's Log
26 January 2014

Day 5

Happy Australia Day everyone,Sunrise finds us 20nm east of Moruya Heads continuing to make ground for Jervis Bay. The sun is shining, Albatross are wheeling about and a lazy swell is surfing us northward. Tis a beautiful morn.During the night, the Youth Crew had been busy navigating, climbing and steering, but the big ticket item overnight was the ‘Bearex’. This is a team building exercise named after a bear (?), where we give each watch the task of doing something independently, that they have not yet conducted thus far on the voyage. Setting the Storm Sails was the challenge. All three watches had a crack and all succeeded, demonstrating not only their mariner skills but also an ability to work together to achieve a goal. The Staff were very impressed and proud of their protégé’s.Following lunch and a set of Rope Races, we entered Jervis Bay and made our way to the north. Paul, the Sail Master called ‘Hands to Tacking Stations’ to conduct an evolution we call ‘Rotational Tacks’. This is where each watch rotates to the other tacking stations to learn what the other watches do to tack the ship. On completing this activity we dropped our anchor at the northern end of Long Beach (south of Montagu Point) and went for a swim. There was some skilful, styling from the swing and buoyant, bounding off the bow-sprit. Beaming, smiles on everyone’s dial.And what’s Australia Day without a BBQ? Un-Australia Day, that’s what! So Aaron whipped up some rissoles and Gav donned apron and grabbed the tongs. Next minute, everyone’s filling their bellies. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!Another action packed day was coming to a close, but one more thing to do… ‘3 Way Talks’. A fun activity designed to get to know one another a little better, particularly members of the other watches. Paul split everyone into groups of three, one from each watch. It was then their task to find out a little about the other two, as one would be telling the rest of the crew about themselves as the other person. Sound complicated? Not really. This was followed by a mime of their favourite movie or book. A very entertaining activity. Now we know everything about each other!Then we watched a movie and went to bed.Good night.Yours Aye,Captain Adam“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive that is youer than you.“Be who you are and say what you mean. Because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr Seuss   “ 


35° 1' South / 150° 46' East


Wind: 030 @ 10 kts. Swell: Nil. Temp: 20 degrees.