Captain's Log
6 February 2015

Day 40 – Atlantic Swell

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 40 of our voyage. The northerly winds have moderated a little today and we now have a long rolling Atlantic Ocean swell which isn’t too bad. We have continued to make good speed and if all goes to plan we may enter the Bay of Biscay as early as Thursday which will certainly help our World Voyagers as we plan to hand the Ship over to them for their Command Period sometime on Friday.  Tonight we are back to Jaffa Watch and even though it has been a relatively quiet day at sea we have still managed to fit in a couple of activities so please enjoy tonight’s log written by James and Reina. Enjoy!  Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log: 02 June 15  Today I wore giraffe ears and that is all that matters. – Reina  In other news, Jaffas have been going through tough times with seasickness and various other ailments whittling our numbers down to 5 from 8 on the evening watch last night. Highlights included James, Atlanta and Marcos climbing to the lower top platform to watch the sunset. As the sun dipped below the horizon Atlanta became horrendously seasick providing an unusual soundtrack to nature’s majesty. The ship had to be turned away from the wind so that the rather full sick bag could be tossed overboard without endangering Miquela (our ‘Navigangsta’ in the words of Derry Doyle) or any of the other crew on the bridge.   This morning Nikki, Reina and Jenko made glorious Eggs Benedict for breakfast to fuel everyone for the day ahead. Anonymous sources label it the best breakfast on board so far, with Reina having a knack for poached eggs. Celebrity Sailmaster Dezza went above and beyond with our morning brief entertaining the crew with poor geographical puns and witty banter off the bridge. After the happiest hour of the day, during which no breakfasts were lost, Jaffa Watch launched into preparation for today’s Ropies challenge: creating a sea shanty and performing it this afternoon. This mostly comprised of Cameron hiding away in the bridge for five minutes and then reappearing with a half written sea shanty detailing the tragic tale of a cabin boy hijacked and pressed into service on board a Navy ship. After several rehearsals, costume changes, and bitter struggles for creative control, we were ready for the big show.  STS Young Endeavour’s World Voyagers, with the blessing of Celebrity Sail Master Derry Doyle, brought their adopted Mediterranean practices north, indulging once again in a siesta after lunch. This was followed by the daily non-competitive competition of Ropies where the Kung Fu Fighting Jaffas (as usual) sea-blitzed the competition!  Post Ropies, there was time for further sea-shanty preparation and for some a second siesta.  1600 soon came, and with it, the port-side bridge curtain was raised on the Bubblegum, Jaffa, and Minty Sea Shanties! Each Shanty was only equalled by the next. We laughed, we cried, Pip and Ali performed Interpretive dance on sea sickness and safety, and Minties confirmed to everyone that they never do anything. The judges declared the competition a dead heat and that at the end of the day the Sea Shanty was the real winner. Yar!  But the Sea Shanties were only the beginning as next to step on the stage was our very own resident musician and Celebrity Sail Master Desmond O’Doyle! Accompanied by Dougie on flute and Cam on uke, his set list included another sea shanty of sorts, a few of his own creations, and some Woody Guthrie and Elvis to name a few.  The concert ended happily just in time for tea, where the garlic ravioli and the boysenberry pavlova proved a massive high amongst the crewies and staff alike!  As we continue to push north through the Atlantic, the wind is right on our bow so unfortunately no sails can be set. We wait with bated breath for our arrival in the Bay of Biscay and a chance for some more sailing!  Jaffa Watch Over and Out (here’s to you Cam!)  James and Reina (in the giraffe ears!).  Captain’s Log Update: Vicky managed to fit a record 26 grapes in her mouth at once during this evenings watch. The gauntlet has been laid.  Shout outs!  Heyyy everyone (Mutti, Daddy Bear, Carlita, Ox), love you all lots! Chantelle, I watched Rock of Ages today, missing you heaps. xoxo  First off, James, I am disappointed that you’ve used ‘over’ and ‘out’ in the same sentence. Secondly, hi everyone! Hope you are doing well back in Tas. Feel free to share this with people who may not be following the YEYS page Dad. Say hi to Fi and Tris and Tommy! Also give my best to Andrew and Nat, and their fourth, who is currently loading 😉 Much love to you all, both friends and family, many stories will be told! Cam  Massive hello to everyone back home and those I’ll hopefully be seeing abroad soon! Miss you heaps Hollie, Mum, Dad, Evie, and Lib. The seasickness has passed again and the pavlova is helping me get my appetite back. Talk to you all soon. James.  Hi Max, Mum, Dad and my newest addition to the family…my niece Soko! Today has been amazing on the seas, complete with Sea Shanties and Sing-alongs and Pavlova that was delicious…but not quite rivalling Millie standard! Dr Nick has found some sea-sickness drugs that finally work for me, so apart from last nights entertainment, I’ve had a few good seasick-free days! A huge improvement! Max…have a wonderful time in Darwin, I know you will make the best out of it. Can’t wait until I am home with you! All my love. Atlanta  Big hello everyone back home, hope you are all doing well and not missing me too much. Haven’t been too sea sick, just on and off a bit. Other than that, having a blast. Love Ailesh” 


40° 52' North / 9° 45' West


Currently located 170nm to the south of the Bay of Biscay motor sailing in moderate 15-20kt NNW winds with a 2m NNW Swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is a cool 14 degrees.