Captain's Log
V01/20 Hobart to Hobart
1 July 2020

Day 4 – Wineglass Bay to Coles Bay…on Foot!

Ahoy shipmates, Day 4 and greetings from the picturesque Coles Bay. After a couple of nights underway, and a strenuous day, we have anchored Coles Bay and will remain overnight, affording the youth crew a good night’s rest…well earned. This morning we briefly anchored in Wineglass Bay (see below) and ferried the youth crew and their watch leaders ashore for the hike over to Coles Bay…nothing like a bit of exercise to get the heart pumping. Once they were all ashore the remaining staffies sailed the ship around to Coles Bay…a 4 hour trip. All returned safely onboard and as I write we have just completed 3 way chats, where we get to know a little bit more about our young guests. Overnight they will be assisting keeping the ship safe in ‘anchor watches’ (1 hour as opposed to 4 hours), and tomorrow we head back to sea…yeeha! That’s it from me, I’ll hand you over to Hayley and Heidi. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-
Day Four at Sea
This morning we woke to the familiar rocking of the sea as we gripped to our bed heads for dear life. After a long night, many attempts to “control” the helm and some casual and very intentional ‘doughnutting’ on the sea, Red Watch sailed us into Wine Glass Bay. As we reached our destination, we were forced to listen to a live performance through the PA system of an interesting interpretation of ‘Riptide’ by Red Watch.
Looking out on the crystal, blue waters of the bay, the youthies were keen to get in for a swim, however we were very mistaken with the freezing temperature of these waters. We were also slightly disappointed in the lack of wine at Wine Glass Bay, but Hydrolite was able to pull us through. We then made our way over to the shores of Wine Glass Bay in groups on the RHIB and were greeted by many bluebottles and jellyfish. We then began our unexpectedly long trek up to the Wine Glass Bay lookout with our GoPros in hand and our legs slowly dragging behind. Waving goodbye to the Young Endeavour, which was ‘supposedly’ meeting us on the other side was slightly nerve wracking. After a long hike up 1000 steep stairs, red and sweaty faces arrived at the lookout where many Youthies could be spotted in the wild taking their well-known ‘selfies.’ Our racing heart rates welcomed the downhill journey to Coles Bay with the staffies’ idea of ice cream as motivation for our sore legs. We walked along Coles Bay taking in the view, which was interrupted by some boisterous activities. Running piggy-backs through the water after a hike was not the desired result that the boys were aiming for. We finally arrived in the little town of Coles Bay for our well-deserved “reward” of double (and even triple) scoops of ice cream. We continued our walk towards a swimming beach for our very first swim since the voyage began. Despite the freezing temperature, youthies were glad to return to the ocean after many of us experiencing land sickness and sea legs! After our swim our ‘YE Sea Uber’ arrived to collect us and take us back to our home: The Endeavour.
We were then tested by Benny through gruesome time trials and apple eating competitions to test our knowledge of parts of the ship. It was clear to everyone that there was still much to learn for both the staffies and youthies – including Keithy.
After a big day on a ‘swaying’ land, we were relieved to have some free time for the rest of the evening. We were even serenaded by many musicians amongst the youth crew as we played board games on the deck and climbed aloft. Adam and the galley team blessed us yet again with a universally astounding meal that made us not miss home cooked meals yet: Lasagna! Tonight we are anchored in Coles Bay and are relieved that we can finally have a ‘relatively’ full night’s sleep without falling out of our beds!
Signing off,
The Mum & Dad of Blue Watch:
Hayley & Heidi


42 07s / 148 17e


Wind: NE at 5 knots Weather: Overcast with passing showers Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Coles Bay