Captain's Log
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
21 January 2020

Day 4 – Tacking and the Dash for Bass Strait!

Ahoy shipmates…greeting from the Tassie NE coast. After a restful night we arose at 0630 for a quick early morning activity before getting stuck into the day. We departed Coles Bay at 0830 and made our way into the larger oyster bay where we conducted our first set of tacks for the voyage, and threw in rotational tacks (learning the other watches tacking stations) for good measure. It was then out through the Schouten Passage for our transit up the Tassie east coast. The wind has slowly shifted to the north east and we are currently motorsailing, aiming to cross Bass Strait tomorrow…will it be kind or cruel? Time will tell. That’s about it from me, until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-
Captain’s Log Day 4: Hobart to Melbourne
After a night of anchor watches we awoke to the sun rising out the back of the hills surrounding Coles Bay. Morning brief saw a continuation of Salty’s sea tales about history of ship terms, we were introduced to the lovely Figurehead (Blarkay – White Watch Leader). Having had a breakfast most scrumptious and Happy Happy hour, we set sail for the open ocean. Luckily most of the crew had found their sea legs and there was a lot less fish feeding as we got underway hoisting sails and learning our tacking stations for turning the ship.
Each watch had a turn up the masts setting and furling the square and main sails with White Watch ascending first, to be followed by the Red and Blue Watches who all made it down in one piece despite some rough weather and unforgiving seas.
When the Red Watch made it down fore mast we had delicious burritos and then had a competitive non-competitive rope race as each watch keenly displayed their knowledge on ship safety. After swiftly and safely displaying all safety measures aboard the ship in a timely fashion, the Blue watch came out on top as the fastest and loudest on board.
With a very cohesive and comprehensible brief from Tracey about road rules of the sea, which I’m sure we can all appreciate, each of the watches were then told, using nothing but ourselves and knowledge of the ship and rules, to create a replica of the Young Endeavour herself.
Whilst Blue Watch was guarding the ship, the other two watches gained some down time, which Red Watch used to take advantage of the Bowsprit at the front of the ship and chill out before our wonderful dinner. Red watch then took the helm and prepared for the long night watches ahead.
Peace out to all our loved ones. Especially, Mum, Dad and Liam.
From Red Watch: Shaun and Solita
See you soon me hearties.


41 23s / 148 27e


Wind: 050 at 12 Weather: Overcast, passing showers Sea: Moderate Course: North Speed: 8 knots Location: NE coast of Tasmania