Captain's Log
V03/19 Sydney to Hobart
2 April 2019

Day 4 – Sun, Sails, Sea Life…and Hello Tasmania!

Ahoy shipmates…Bass Strait…easy! (this time – we’ve gotta go back!). After a very pleasant overnight transit and some early morning rain, Day 4 has been nothing short of spectacular. The sun returned, wildlife a plenty, and some leisurely sailing under a full press of fore and aft sails…we have been spoilt. After the usual morning antics (morning brief, happy hour, washing), and another fabulous lunch from Jenko, the afternoon was filled with games…rope races and deck games of various types. Yhen we just chilled and enjoyed the sights of the NE tip of Tasmania. We will arrive in Winelglass Bay tomorrow morning where we will send the Youth Crew ashore to hike over to Coles Bay while staffies sail the boat around to meet them. Then, joy of joys, a night at anchor! The Youth Crew have been given the responsibility of getting us to Wineglass…no pressure! That’s about it from me…as always, fair winds,Captain Kenny—

Captain’s Log – Day 4
Ahoy there landlubbers, Day 4 has been full of many animal sightings from dolphins who were very camera shy and little snooping seals who helped us wave goodbye to the Bass Strait. Even a few of the youth crew turned into animals themselves in order to dispute rope race ties (many demon cows and roosters were resurrected). First land was sighted during rope races mid afternoon marking that we had successfully endeavoured across the strait with little difficulty and was greeted with a cheer from youthies and staff alike. After rope races, which blue watch dominated again, we continued onto deck games of stuffing our faces with dry weet-bix and whistling the national anthem (blue watch continuing to dominate), as well as staffies tim-tam fishing for youthies, who quickly turned into silly salmon at the sight of delicious chocolate covered biscuits.
The rest of the day has consisted of lounging above deck enjoying the splendid weather while we sailed completely under our own sails due to being ahead of schedule as we make our way to our first and possibly only anchorage at Wine Glass Bay before heading to Hobart. The staffies have also taken this opportunity to give us our own mini command day for each watch as we take the helm and choose our own heading and sail plan during our run down the coast.
That’s all for tonight folks, Blue Watch over and out. Eryn, Ash, Sam, Pete, Ben, Mel, Alex, Cam (Not to gloat but we really are smashing the competition)


41 05s / 148 26


Wind: E at 6kts Weather: Overcast, scattered showers Swell: SE at 1.0m Course: 183 Speed: 3kts Location: NE tip of Tasmania