Captain's Log
15 July 2016

Day 4 – Strong Conditions

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. Overnight and during the early hours of this morning the weather conditions continued to deteriorate with wind gusts of 35-40kts and heavy rain.

By morning brief we were located 8nm to the east of Cape Bowling Green sailing on a beam reach under a reduced sail plan. As expected in these conditions a number of the Youth Crew succumbed to seasickness but continued to battle on rather that just lie down and give up.

Given the conditions the rest of the mornings activities were suspended until the weather improved. That said, for three hours the wind veered to the SSW which enabled us to set the mainsail and the jib and come hard onto the wind which gave us some exhilarating sailing achieving boat speeds of 9-11kts.

By 1330 this afternoon we were located 10nm to the ESE of Magnetic Island still battling very strong 25-35kt SSW winds and a 2m SE swell. Given the forecast for these conditions to continue for another 24hrs and our close proximity to a sheltered anchorage at Magnetic Island we decided to head directly for the anchorage so that I could give the Youth Crew some respite from the weather and still be able to continue with the training program.

This anchorage was achieved when we came safely to anchor in Radical Bay at 1530. Once at anchor we conducted another round of rope races then gave the Youth Crew a break before dinner so that they could wash and hopefully get dry some of their clothing.

This evening we will conduct both a Navigation and Rules of the Road brief, before settling into anchor watches overnight.

Our current plans are to ferry the Youth Crew ashore tomorrow morning for a hike around to Horseshoe Bay before getting underway again and continuing our voyage north.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


19 06 S / 146 52 E


Currently at anchor in Radical Bay and experiencing strong 18-22kt SSW winds with .5m swell and the temperature is a cool 14 degrees