Captain's Log
V10/21 Airlie Beach to Mackay
13 August 2021

Day 4 – Stonehaven to sea

Windy weather and sailing the seas, Day 4 started at 6:30 with a relaxing sunrise Yoga class lead by TJ. For our morning pick me up we had some delicious eggs, smashed avo on toast and crispy bacon. After the flags were raised, and the national anthem sung, we had a another surprise visit from Salty, who brought with him our figure head to hopefully calm today’s seas. Crabs, shells, crocodiles, octopi, penguins and dolphins, was our new dance routine which was lead by Nanna (aka Reggie), who popped round to return our ‘lost things’.

Happy hour lovingly came around again to our delight, the youthies almost won this round of happy hour chants, but we have high hopes for tomorrow! It was now time to weigh anchor and leave Hook Island, with Hamilton Island in our sights. SAILING TIME! WOOOO! We had our work set out for us today, as we added setting and furling the main sail and jib to our sea of knowledge (sea what we did there :)) Once starboard were on watch, Port watch decided to use their free time to lay aloft to the lower tops, while underway and wow what an amazing view!

To keep us going after such a busy morning we quickly inhaled some new york style hot dogs and some spag bowl to keep us going for some more setting, furling and tacking. Some major brainfreezes were had after a round of icy pole relays, unfortunately port watch lost and starboard were victorious (boooo). After some hard work we had Hamilton Island in our sights, (pats on the back all round) and gained a new crew member! Ahoy there Teresa, we like the cut of your jib and welcome aboard! Tonight we are still underway and will be sailing through the night on four hour watches, we all might be a bit blurry eyed in the morning but are enjoying every minute! Signing out Gella and Charley (members of the Port Watch Pirates) x


20 30.2 S / 148 58.5 E


Wind: SE @ 15-20kts. Temp: 19. Swell: SE @ 0.5m. Weather: Fine and starry.