Captain's Log
7 March 2016

Day 4 – South Easterly Trade Winds

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. It was another early start for our young mariners with Taffy giving them a 0630 wake up call so that he could get them up on deck to experience another beautiful morning whilst participating in an early morning activity. Once completed it was straight down to the café where Chef Jenko and his assistant Masterchefs had another huge breakfast waiting for them which this morning included fresh baked bacon and cheese rolls.

Morning Brief followed then given the favourable conditions that we were experience we would sail away from anchor. Preparations were quickly made with gaskets cast loose on the squares then at 0845 we weighed anchor, set fore and aft sail and achieved a well executed departure from Great Keppel’s Leeke’s Beach utilising only sail. Once clear of our anchorage the ship was brought under a full press of sail and in near perfect sailing conditions we continued our voyage north.

That afternoon we conducted the second round of rope races then on completion closed the ship up at tacking stations and went straight into a good set of rotational tacks. This activity gives the Youth Crew the opportunity to experience the other watches tacking stations so that they have a good understanding of how everything works when we tack the ship.

Once completed we stood everyone down for then late in the afternoon we all regrouped at midships where I gave my sail theory presentation.

Currently we are located 14 nm to the ESE of Shoalwater Bay sailing downwind under all three squares and enjoying the 14-17kt south easterly

trade winds.

Our plan is to continue take advantage of these conditions and keep heading north to the Percy Island Group where we plan to anchor at Middle Percy Island early tomorrow afternoon.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


22 15 S / 150 46 E


Currently located 14nm to the ESE of Shoalwater Bay and experiencing moderate 14-17kt SE winds with a 1.5m SE swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is fifteen degrees.