Captain's Log
V13/21 Brisbane to Brisbane
21 September 2021

Day 4 – Rainbow Beach

After a rough night at sea with everyone rolling around in their beds. White watch started the morning watch on the Lower Top watching the sunrise on the horizon and whales jumping out of the water. Finally, surviving the 2 very rough days at sea, we anchored at the beautiful Rainbow Beach. 8 youthies voluteered to climb the ratlines and sea furl the topsail, while enjoying the stunning view of the beach. Then off we went into our day 2 of ropies challenge where we were tested on our knowledge on the ship. White watch came out with a smashing win…..again. To enjoy the gorgeous clear day that we had, our awesome Sail Master, Emma, let us explore the beach itself. Keithy transported us on a wild and fun ride in groups on the seaboat to shore. After that, all the youthies and staff played a competitive game of touch that eventually led to multiple people face planting into the sand. #Rip Remi, Ben and Belle. Go “beachy peachys” for the win! We then climbed up a colourful sand cliff with a spectacular view of the special beach, ocean and our ship. Followed by a great run down the sand mountain. Back onboard and after the strictly 90 second, very sandy showers, we enjoyed a great Aussie BBQ and grazing board for dinner. We finished the night with an interesting activity to learn more about each other as we re-enacted each others personal lives. On a side note, a big happy 15th birthday to Angelique’s little sis, “Love you and see you soon.” – Angelique. We will soon start our night shifts in our small anchor watch groups made up of only 3 youthies for only 1 hour and 20 mins watch! We can’t wait for what the next day brings from yours the great gals Evelyn, Belle and Angelique. 🙂


25 54 S / 153 07 E


Wind: SW @ 10. Temp: 18. Swell: Nil. Weather: Fine.