Captain's Log
6 June 2016

Day 4 – Ok. We’re leaving tomorrow, I promise!

Hello once again, esteemed web companions,
Sailmaster Taffy got everyone moving nice and early this morning, with a bit of exercise and a game to get both the blood going and the grey matter firing. Then we had some breakie, before a morning brief spectacular, where special guests Salty Knuckle and Nanna Diesel made an appearance. But the less said about that, the better. Of course I’m joking… Salty Knuckle told a tale of the sea, from the days when ships had sails and men chased whales… the origin of ships’ figureheads. Very interesting stuff, ladies and gentlemen – you’ll have to take my word for it. Oh, and I wasn’t really joking about Nanna Diesel, less said is better.
Anyway, it was time for ‘happy hour’ next. That’s code for cleaning stations. We fool the youthies into believing that a clean ship is a happy ship and they clean and scrub with big smiles on their faces. It’s amazing, really. Actually, for those of you that might be youth crew in the future, I just totally made that up. A clean ship is a happy ship – for real.
Once the ship was sparkling and with a big cheesy grin, Taffy took advantage of the good mood and spoke of setting the mainsail. Climbers were sent aloft to ‘cast loose gaskets’ and whilst at anchor the mainsail was set, there’s quite a bit involved so a brief and a demo is the best way to explain it. Then it was brailed ie. put away. With the youthies still hungry for knowledge, Taffy gave them a spiel on setting/clewing up the square sails. I was just hungry for lunch.
After lunch we all had a little lie down… no! just me. Most of the youthies actually went for a climb. High achievers! Get it?? Ok ok. Next up on the agenda was ‘Rope Races’. This is where all three watches compete against each other and race to a part of the ship, called out by Danny, and the first person to that piece of the ship, grabs it and yells their watch colour out. Great fun, a little bit of exercise, and a lot of competitiveness. Entertainment plus.
When that was all wrapped up, I was worn out from all the cheering and was keen to go back to bed, but they said ‘Nay! Let us go for a sail’. So we did. The anchor was weighed and we went for a little lap of the harbour, down past Nelson Bay and out to the bar and heads. We felt the swell and saw lots of white water and thought, that’ll do us for the day. We turned around and sailed back to anchor. Look, we’ve got time up our sleeves and I’d rather not push out into rough seas when we don’t really have to. Regardless, the harbour sail was great training and an excellent ‘shake-down’ for tomorrow when we do actually get out of here.
So we returned to anchor around dinner time and then wound down for the night. Youthies will again, consolidate in their watches overnight, keeping vigilant as usual, as there is still squally conditions about.
That’s it from me. Please find below some shout outs from the crew.
Good night friends.
Yours Aye,
Captain Adam

Quote of the day:
“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin (?)

-Hey mum, I know you’re reading this and when you’re done you’ll probably need a tissue because you miss me THAT MUCH. We’re getting a good view of Port Stephens and all the carnage from the ECL that’s just passed, hopefully we’ll get out tomorrow to do some proper sailing! Say hi to everyone for me! Love ya, Luke
-Hi mum, its Kenz just letting you know that I’m having fun, and that we should be heading out of Port Stevens sometime tomorrow, say hi to dad, Gillian and Alex, and that I miss youse all. Love Kenz
Hi mum, dad, kev and Maddy just sending my best wishes and hope everything is going well back home. I’m having so much fun and will tell you all about it when I get back. Catch ya later, Nick
Dearest Father, good luck for the next six months as you embark on your “voyage” tomorrow – wish I could be standing with mum on the wharf waving goodbye to you, but as you said yourself, I have to ‘seize the day’! I’ll be eagerly awaiting Navy News articles highlighting your latest exploits, so please don’t disappoint. Make sure you put some time away in your busy schedule to look after your own wellbeing and, when I get the chance, I’ll be sure to drop you a few lines updating you on my exciting stories. In the meantime know that the last few days have given me a greater insight into the Age of Sail and, so with renewed hunger, I will devour the remaining Aubrey-Maturin novels left on my bookshelf. HAI
Hey Fam Bam, Tyrell here! Today I did something I thought I was never capable of doing!!! Jackson, Hannah, Grant and myself from blue watch climbed the sails for our 4th time but this time to tie up the Topsail. The wind was so strong and the waves were hectic!! Nice view of the dolphins surfing the waves too. Blue watch is becoming my new family so see ya later guys, I’m staying on the Young Endeavour. Na, not really, see you on the 13th. T.
Hey Mum and Boys! Having an awesome time  I climbed the mast without any problems. Tell Bryan to use our trivia vouchers wisely tomorrow night. Love Angie.
Hey mum, it’s Emily. Hope everything is well. I am having the most fun on here. Can’t wait to tell you everything when I get back, hopefully we will be leaving Port Stephens tomorrow fingers crossed. Say hi to everyone for me, love you lots xoxo.
G’day Mum, Maunty Andy, Uncle Norman, George, Sarah, Michael and Harry (xx) I’m having like a sick time and I kinda miss you guys a bit. The view from up on top of the yards is so spectacular. This experience is showing me apart of the world that I want to see more of and that’s the sea. Miss you lads, Hope this message finds you well.
-Love, Jacksman.
Hey Mum, Dad, Grandma and Tiffy, I’m having a fantastic time at sea and learning so much every day! I’ve climbed to the topgallant (highest point) three times and its soooo cool!! Ive made some cool new friends too. Hope your all having a great time and hope your still in school Tiff (haha rip) See you on the 13th! Love you. Ashleigh 


32 40 S / 152 02 E


Fine. Wind NW 5-10 kts. Temp 16.