Captain's Log
9 March 2010

Day 4 – Great Keppel Island

Ahoy there everyone, Overnight the ship continued south under fore and aft sails with the wind continuing to back and veer during the night requiring constant adjustment to the sail plan, this kept the deck watches busy along with applying practical navigation techniques from the Watch Officers and climbing aloft with the Watch Leaders. Wakey wakey at 0700 saw Blue Watch put in a lot of effort to perform a stirring tune to arouse all onboard for breakfast and a beautiful morning prior to closing up to tacking stations and conducting a wear (turning the stern through the wind also known as a gybe in a yacht) this new course enabled Sail Master Kenny to give a presentation on the ships three square sails (topgallant, topsail and course), armed with this new knowledge and the prevailing conditions, the Youth Crew were then able set their first square sail (topsail), and what a magnificent sight the ship presented under her new sail plan.Once morning brief and ���happy half hour’ had been completed, all sail was then handed in as the ship motored into the anchorage position at Long Beach on the south west side of Great Keppel Island. At 1100 the starboard anchor was let go in the pristine azure waters of the bay, with the ship safely at anchor all hands proceeded below to Chef Snowy’s stunning buffet lunch ensuring that energy levels and morale were kept at a high level. It was also pleasing to note that all Youth Crew have now physically adjusted to the motion of the ship and are participating with vigour at each challenge or activity.After lunch Engineer Leon conducted round three of ���rope races’ which indicated that some of the terminology and upper deck equipment locations are being assimilated, though there are still the occasional dazed and confused look. Next Watch Officer Taffy and Navigator Joel manned the ships two sea boats and ferried the Youth Crew ashore to explore the delights of Great Keppel Island. The afternoon was spent snorkelling and swimming around Long Beach or trekking into the hinterland to the island’s western shore before returning to the ship with sharpened appetites and exhausted bodies to consume a ���teak deck’ BBQ dinner under the stars cooked by Watch Officer Taffy and myself. Once dinner had been completed, the Youth Crew completed a three way talk activity; this enabled each Youth Crew member to gather a significant amount of in depth information about two of their appointed shipmates during the afternoon; which is then presented to the remainder of the crew in the third person developing confidence, interpersonal skills and public speaking.After a comprehensive brief by Navigator Joel the Youth Crew are now settling into their first night anchor watches, maintaining the safety and integrity of the crew and ship. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight prior to weighing anchor early tomorrow morning and continuing our passage south on the adventure that is Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours ayeCaptain Damien


23° 11' South / 150° 56' East


Scattered Cloud, Wind NE 10 knots, Swell Nil, Temperature 23 degrees, Barometer 1019 hpa