Captain's Log
V04/19 Hobart to Sydney
17 February 2019

Day 4 – Farewell Tasmania

Ahoy shipmates. As Ryan and Sophie have so eloquently described today’s events, I’ll keep it short. Suffice to say we have now farewelled Tasmania and are making our way north towards our planned next stop at Jervis Bay. Unfortunately the weather gods have not been kind to us, and after a relatively peaceful morning transit in light airs, we are now taking it on the nose…literally. The wind is from the north at 30kts, slowing our progress considerably. Fortunately a westerly change is forecast tomorrow, which should speed things up. Will be a rough night though. Never fear, Young Endeavour is as sturdy as they come…and I should know, I sailed around the world in her. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny——

Captain’s Log Day 4 – Ryan (Limits) & Sophie
After spending the night in the beautiful Coles Bay and a bucket full of squid, we all jumped up to the longest wake-up call ever recorded. We kicked off with a highly competitive game of rock paper scissors evolution after getting our sea legs back with laps on deck. After our delicious breakfast, we got a visit from some rather interesting characters, expanding our knowledge of all things nautical. With our spirits high, and our cabin inventory secured, we embraced ourselves to set sail into the unknown. As we heaved the sails, the winds kicked up and we were rewarded with the magical journey through Schouten’s Passage. A final farewell to the wonder that is Wineglass Bay, and to its harsh past. While we continued to learn about furling and trimming the sails, the youth crew got the chance to hang out on the yardarms and watch the view from above. What a breathtaking sight it was, although some youthies did seem to be holding on rather tightly… Our teamwork was put to the test as we learnt how to tack and wear the ship. Everyone was very excited to finally see more sails out, although there were a few distracted sailors as a pod of dolphins gave us a show. The crew is looking forward to turning the engine off and harnessing the power of the wind. There is some trepidation onboard as we continue towards the Bass Strait, with lots of fingers crossed that the weather treats us kindly. Once again, Zac provided a feast, with a Mexican theme tonight, filled with a fresh, rich, tangy, zing. Definitely no strict rations on board this ship! All youthies to your stations. 2……6……Heave!!


41 30s / 148 27e


Wind: N at 30kts Weather: Fine Swell: NE at 1.5m Course: 030 Speed: 4kts Location: NE Tasmanian Coast