Captain's Log
9 February 2013

Day 4 – Eden to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,We had a relaxing night at anchor in the aptly named Snug Cove, off the Town of Eden. The youth crew kept anchor watches, monitoring the safety of the Ship throughout the night.Sail Master Paul treated us to another of his tasteful musical Wakey wakeys at 0630 and after a nautical 90 second shower we had a teak deck BBQ breakfast, while enjoying the views of Twofold Bay. The Ship’s boat commenced taking crew ashore after breakfast to stretch their legs, hug a tree (the best cure for sea sickness), get a coffee and checkout the local Maritime Museum, whose staff always look after us, giving free entry to the crew members. Local Youth Crew member Brianna Shaw assisted by acting as tour guide while the crew were ashore.  The youth crew returned onboard by 1030 and we then prepared to sail. We weighed anchor after lunch and proceeded out of Twofold Bay, motor-sailing southwards towards our next destination, Refuge Cove at Wilson’s Promontory.Navigator Caitlin gave the Navigation Brief to the crew in the afternoon in between the various Tacking Stations that were called as we beat to windward, against the fresh southerly breeze. This abated and veered in the late afternoon and we undertook a final tack after dinner, which will hopefully see us on a single course as we run WSW along the Victorian coast.Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain Mike PS. please note I have added photos to all Log entries now.      “ 


37° 42' South / 150° 16' East


Weather: fine Wind: southerly 5 - 10 kn Swell: 1.0 metre from the south Temp: 12 deg C