Captain's Log
V01/19 Sydney to Melbourne
1 July 2019

Day 4 – Downwind Sailing

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. The wind remained light and variable overnight and by morning brief we were located 8nm to the east of Twofold Bay still motor sailing in very light conditions. During the day we completed a navigation and sail theory brief while waiting for the forecast north easterly change to arrive. This occurred mid afternoon and gave us the opportunity to set all three squares for the first time for this voyage. By late afternoon we had rounded Point Hicks and in strong 20-25kt NE conditions have been enjoying some good sailing along the Victorian Coast. Overnight all of the watches will complete the BEAREX (Teamwork and Communication Exercise) as we continue to make good speed under sail to Deal Island which we have planned as our next anchorage.

Please find attached Captains Log entry for tonight from White Watch. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Today started with a lovely serenade from the red watch singing their own unique version of “I Gotta Feeling”. Following up was another five star breakfast meal served by the fiercest chef on board, Little Zac. Furthermore, there were more surprises readied for the youthies during our morning brief. Our one and only favourite Croatian supermodel, Salty, told us how the toilets on ships became ‘heads’. It was a splashing experience for the youthies, which was the best way to get them woken up for the best time of the day- HAPPY HOUR! Harri was disappointed by the youthies for being too unenthusiastic in singing the ‘Happy Hour’ song. Little does he know, his bet of cleaning for the youthies if they do smash out singing the song, will be the biggest regret of his entire life.
Lunch time was a great time, with another top-notch, delicious feast presented by Zac and his brilliant, little helpers, Maddie, Claye & Lachlan. The chef never disappoints with fried chicken, meat pies and a variety of salads. After lunch, at 1pm, the highly competitive, non-competitive, but still competitive game of Rope Races was held. Horto was the host of the game and tested the youthies on their sail knowledge about the fore and aft sails. Red Watch smashed out the knowledge test and the other two watches were praised for their efforts. The first ever Banana Boat challenge on the Young Endeavour was hosted today. The game involved the watches forming one straight line and each having a banana in their hand. The first person has to finish their banana and then place the banana skin on their head. This is continued until the last person of the watch has finished their banana. Swallowing a whole banana as fast as the youthies could was harder than they had expected. There were some faces ready to vomit but the lively energy between each team supporting one another got the whole game feeling so intense and exciting. Once again, Red Watch won the challenge but the efforts every team put in is what made everyone a true winner. Go Youthies!
Following up, Daz from Taz, the sharpest navigator aboard, gave the youthies an informative lesson about sea navigation. During their own personal watches, the youthies are taking initiatives in taking part on the practical aspects of navigation with the guidance of Captain Gav, Harri, Daz & Ivanka. The more the youthies study and practice what they have been though, the more they become prepared for their command day. Captain Gav also gave us a sail theory lesson about the different functions of each sail and how they are affected by different wind angles. He explored some parts of the historical creation of tall ships and compared it to the contemporary advancements made on the recent tall ships.
The Course sail was finally set for the first time during the voyage and it felt like the youthies were on the’ Pirates of the Caribbean’ boat. The day was ended with the youthies having the best dinner ever made. It included a delicious butter chicken, roti naan, jaw-dropping lamb loin chops, freshly cooked wedges & the most precious broccoli and baby carrots. To finish it off, the youthies had the greatest ‘Bloob Cheez Cake’, topped off with a special vanilla ice cream. Tomorrow, there are more adventures awaiting the youthies!


38 07.4 S / 149 08.4 E


Currently located 30nm to the SW of Point Hicks and experiencing 20-25kt NE winds with a 1.5m NE swell. We are Sailing downwind under all 3 squares and achieving a good boat speed of 7-8kts.