Captain's Log
21 July 2011

Day 4 – Broken Bay

Ahoy there everyone,Welcome to day four, the morning commenced with a 0630 wakey wakey song played by our very own flutist Dougie, arousing all from their slumber and up to the upper decks where to our complete surprise it was still raining. So donned foul weather garments we completed an early morning activity before breakfast, morning brief and happy hour (not so much cleaning as trying to dry the ship out). Navigator Joel then presented a lesson detailing the art of fixing the ships position on a chart by using various instruments and methods, though not convincing everyone that the world was in fact round and not flat. Lunch was next on the agenda after which it was back onto the upper decks, this time climbing aloft to cast loose the gaskets on each of the square sails in preparation for weighing anchor. Once back on deck the ship departed Cottage Point under three square sails and sailed down towards the entrance to Broken Bay, what a magnificent sight we would have been through the mist and rain. The rain and wind continued to buffer the ship but did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crew who are starting to show the first signs of gills under the constant deluge from the heavens. On reaching the entrance a large heavy three metre swell was rolling into the bay as we nudged our way past Barrenjoey Head. These conditions were caused by the swell wrapping around the headland from six metre seas offshore. After assessing the prevailing conditions the ship conducted a wear (gybe) and commenced beating back into Broken Bay tacking continuously throughout the afternoon to make ground towards the Hawkesbury River. With visibility significantly restricted due to heavy downpours all sails were handed in and the ship motor sailed up the Hawkesbury River surrounded by cascading waterfalls eventually reaching a sheltered anchorage in the lee of Dangar Island. After a superb meal by Chef Squiz all hands were back aloft sea furling the square sails in preparation for another night at anchor. The evening concluded with a quiz night by Flutist Dougie before the Youth Crew settled into anchor watches for the night. Due to the continuing forecast weather conditions the intention is to remain at anchor again overnight before continuing to sail tomorrow within the confines of Broken Bay. The Youth Crew showed remarkable teamwork and endurance today spending the majority of the day on the upper decks or aloft battling inclement weather and challenging conditions. Until tomorrow evening, take care. ‘Carpe Diem’ Yours Aye Captain Damien


33° 31' South / 151° 14' East


2300 at anchor - Weather rain, rain and more rain, Wind W 8 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 12 degrees, Barometer 1017 hpa