Captain's Log
V03/21 Sydney to Sydney
4 July 2021

Day 4 – Back to Sea and Tacks, Tacks, Tacks!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 4 and back to sea.

Maddy and Lochlan have covered the past 24 hours in detail below, so I’ll be brief. All going well, although some stronger breeze would be nice. As I write we are under sail approximately 15 nautical miles to the east of Wollongong/Port Kembla enroute Jervis Bay…a favourite stopover for YE.

That’s about it from me.
Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K

As we were still anchored in Port Hacking this morning, the night was seen through by pairs on ‘anchor watch’ who switched every hour and made sure we stayed anchored in the right spot. Wakey wakey for everyone was then at 0630 and we were to be straight up on deck for a couple laps to get moving.

It was a beautiful morning with rays of light streaming through the clouds in the distance. We then all played a card game that saw Louise as the ultimate champion. After we breakfasted and dressed, it was back on deck to raise the flags and ring the bells.

Our morning brief consisted of our navigator giving us the forecast and the planned course of the ship. Our good and knowledgeable friend ‘Salty’ paid us another visit where we learnt about the consequences of stealing extra rations when aboard a ship in the days of old. We also met our newest crew member, ‘Nana’ who looks unsettlingly like the ship’s engineer Benny. Nana presented the youth crew with some of the belongings they’d left on the floor. ‘Double offenders’ were asked to stand front and centre and do a dance for everyone. Safe to say, the lesson of picking up after ourselves has been learnt.

Our lecture of the morning was on the ‘road rules’ of the water which will be crucial come the day the youth crew takes command. We also learnt how to tie a ’round turn and two half hitches’ which we applied when we went aloft and set our sails and then furled them again. They are now set ready for use for when we need them.

Post lunch the ‘Rope Races’ were held again where a member from each watch needed to identify and touch different parts of the boat to win points. At this stage it seems to be Blue Watch in the lead.

Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent with all hands on deck doing tacking drills where we changed the facing of the sails to change the orientation of the boat. We experienced scattered showers, breakthroughs of sunlight, saw lightning storms in the distance and even had a report of dolphins off the bow.

As we approached Stanwell tops we then applied our tacking drills again and began heading east towards the big blue beyond. Tomorrow’s destination is planned to be the beautiful Jervis Bay were another day of learning, fun and excitement is sure to be waiting.

Maddy… Dear Mum, Luke, Charlie & Axel, I love and miss you so much and reckon you’d all love it here. I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday


34 32s / 151 15e


Wind: E at 9 knots Weather: Cloudy - distant storms Sea: Mild Course: 200 Speed: 4 knots Location: East of Port Kembla