Captain's Log
V08/17 Sydney (NSW) to Sydney (NSW)
4 December 2017

Day 4 – back to sea

Good evening everyone,

We awoke to some modern type music being played over the announcing system by our Sail Master Adam – the Youth Crew knew the words but I couldn’t quite get it. I think Kate our Youth Crew Mozart boffin probably felt the same way. Anyway, a pleasant enough morning so we set up the barbeque for breakfast and opened the pool. Yes, swing rope, ladders, floating lillypads, the surf ski and some music for people to jump in and enjoy a refreshing swim (the water was very nice). We had a ‘visitor’ during our morning brief. Nanna (Brett the engineer) loves cleaning up after people and found lots of things out of place. Nanna would hand back the items of clothing to the offenders (picture slightly embarrassed male thanking Nanna for cleaning up pink socks that had not been put away). Because Nanna had done us a favour and cleaned-up, we had to return the favour. This involved us following Nanna in her favourite activity, singing. Picture us all on the middle deck singing and acting tunes – a sort of High Five meets the Wiggles for grown-ups. Crabs and Seashells was the song of the day. What happens on the boat stays on the boat, ok. After happy hour James (Salty our Boats officer) gave us a presentation on the rules of the (sea) road – how we pass other ships and who gives way to who out here. Round 2 of rope races was finished with a zooper dooper race = brain freeze. After lunch we did some sail theory before doing a little Ship training by way of a fire drill. We learned how to set our square sails and the main sail before getting underway by sail alone – no need for them engines. Later in the afternoon we made slow progress under sail with the Youth Crew climbing the mast to cast-lose the gaskets (untied the square sails in preparation for setting them). We cleared Broken Bay and continued sailing up the mid-north coast of NSW towards Port Stephens. As I type we are to the east of McMasters Beach making about 5 knots under a full press of sail – yeah. A long day for the Youth Crew and we do have some cases of mal-de-mar but otherwise all good. Amazing at night how quickly the wind can drop, literally in the last minute or so – we might need them engines after all! We will arrive at Port Stephens tomorrow morning and until then, please take care.

Dave J
Voyage Captain

P.S. Happy wedding anniversay to my wife Lou, for yesterday. Yes, I did phone on the day so hopefully I’m not too badly in the negatives for not mentioning it in the Log yesterday. Hmmm …


33 Deg 32.5 Min South / 151 Deg 26.3 Min East


At anchor earlier today - SSW winds at 10 knots, brief sunny periods with a few passing very light showers. Temp reached 21 Degrees but sometimes felt like 12 Degrees or 30 Degrees ... on and off with the second layer all day. At sea this evening off McMasters beach - SSW winds at 15 knots, temperature 18 Degrees although with wind chill that is more like 15 Degrees, swell SSE at 1.5 meters with only a slight sea. Barometer rising at 1012 Hpa.