Captain's Log
22 August 2022

Day 4 – At anchor in Platypus Bay

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning we rounded Breaksea Spit (northern point of Fraser Island) and entered Harvey Bay.

During this period our young mariners were kept busy setting and furling sails prior to the ship coming safely to anchor at 0900 in the confines of the beautiful Platypus Bay.

Once at anchor the Youth Crew were given some down time so that those suffering from some mild bouts of seasickness could recover while others took time out to watch numerous breaching whales and other marine life.

It has been another great day and I am extremely pleased with how well the Youth Crew and the voyage are going but that’s enough from me I will now handover to youthies Carly and Mel from Red Watch to tell you about the rest of their day.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Captain Gav


Ahoy there!

After a rough night of very busy watches, we woke up to a colourful sunrise where White Watch climbed the rigging to enjoy the views. White Watch woke up the rest of the crew singing (slightly out of tune!), with high spirits nonetheless. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with some light whale watching, and anchored down in Lagoon Anchorage, Platypus Bay.

After we assembled for morning brief, we were challenged to get to know each other, to recount in a game of charades later that night. After that, we had the happiest hour of the day (cleaning – what fun!), and had free time to catch up on sleep, play cards, and attempt to deplete the ship’s stock of fruit.

At 1300, we transferred to the beach, where it was nice to be on stable land again. We had time to play ball games, go for a swim, and stretch our legs (still swaying from our sea legs). Upon our return to the ship, we enjoyed a barbecue on deck. We entertained ourselves until dark with charades, and rope races to test our knowledge of the ship.

We were briefed on anchor watches, and assigned our tasks for the night – only having to stay on watch for an hour and a half instead of the usual four hours – what a relief!

We send our love to those at home.

Signing off for the night to get some sleep before watches commence,

Carly and Mel (Red Watch)


24 58.2 S / 153 12.6 E


Currently we are at anchor in Platypus Bay and enjoying light 5-8kt SE winds with nil swell and the temperature is 16 degrees.