Captain's Log
22 July 2012

Day 4 – At Anchor Blue Pearl Bay

Hi Everyone, A well rested crew awoke early this morning to a fine Whitsunday Morning. Given our picturesque anchorage we decided to commence the day with an alfresco breakfast served on deck followed by a refreshing swim. Once everyone was out of the water we held a short morning brief then ferried the Youth Crew ashore to Whitehaven Beach where they were given the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear water, play beach sports or just take a long walk along this fantastic beach. By 1030 everyone was safely back onboard and following cleaning stations (Happy Hour), lunch and a brief from Kristy the Sail Mistress on how to set the squares (square sails on the foremast), the anchor was weighed and we departed Whitehaven Beach. Given that we were still experiencing strong southerly winds I decided to remain on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island and run ‘down wind’ to the north so that we could continue with the days sailing program in calmer conditions. Once underway all three squares were set and in perfect conditions we were quickly achieving an impressive 8kts of boat speed. During the afternoon we completed a set of semi competitive ‘rope races’. This activity helps the Youth Crew to learn the many lines, sails and parts of rigging that are located onboard Young Endeavour. On completion of this activity the Watch Leaders spent some quality time with their watches setting and clewing-up the squares and consolidating their newly acquired sailing skills. At 1630 we rounded the northern point of Hayman Island were all sail was handed in and we proceeded to anchor at our planned anchorage for the evening at Blue Pearl Bay. This evening we enjoyed a Teak Deck BBQ (cooked by myself and Chad) which was followed by an enjoyable round of three way talks (public speaking and communication exercise). To complete the evenings activities Senator Nigel Scullion gave an interesting and informative presentation on his life and how he to eventually got into politics. Following another enjoyable day the Youth Crew have now settled into anchor watches for the evening ensuring that they get another good nights rest in preparation for another busy day tomorrow. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


20° 2' South / 148° 52' East


Currently at anchor at Blue Pearl Bay and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 15 degrees.