Captain's Log
17 September 2013

Day 4 – A Tough Nights Sailing

Hi Everyone,Welcome to Day four of our adventure. Overnight we really gave the Returnees a taste of Bass Strait at its worst!! 30-40kt winds and an angry 3-4m swell, we had it all!! That said, everyone came through it with flying colours. Sure their was a bit of seasickness but everyone battled through and here we are now half way down the West Coast of Tasmania experiencing spectacular scenery and smooth seas.Currently we are located 40nm to the NW of Port Davey which is our next planned anchorage and at present speed we will come to anchor sometime around 0400 tomorrow morning.Rather than me write to much tonight I have handed the Captains Log over to the Youth Crew, so please enjoy reading about their adventure so far on Young Endeavour.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavYouth Crew Captains LogAhoy there land lovers, Red Watch here… we are writing this now quiet confident that we will be docking in Hobart with our watch atop the topgallant; as Red Watch are the dominant winners of rope races, yet again! With many thanks to Brownlie for devouring a granny smith whole in record time and for Nikita who knowing full well that if she was to eat anything from the challenge then she would surly see again, she still helped out.The Southern Ocean brings out the best in people. With what seamed to be over 10 metres of swell, a ripped Jib, the bow sprit going under, and tonnes of water flooding the deck. It was weather which made even the most seasoned sea dogs on board green. The fishes were fed and the dolphins came to play with the sick bags. The short amount of time that Red Watch had to catch a kip, they were forced to hold on to anything they could to prevent them from falling from the top bunks. Conditions where most people would have curled up and called out for their mothers, the Red Watch put the heave in 2, 6, HEAVE, and powered on through.Many thanks to our watch leader, Silver Fox Sandy, for passing on his many pearls of wisdom and there was a clear generational gap with none of us guessing the lead singer of the Angels in a 3am morning quiz. As we have observed the other teams participate in hours of in depth training, they were still overpowered by the might of the Red Watch!Sea Bears were spotted along with an abundance of birds and the odd whale too!A strong bond has been formed with this crew and in particular our watch. Applause to Haydo the chef for putting on a beautiful spread in these conditions… it sure was as good coming up as it was going down.Until next time, from Red Watch, Brownlie, Vic, Millie, Em, Chris, Jed, Nikita, Jasmine and JamesJames and Nikita would also like us to put a special hello to their beloved Mum and Dad      “ 


42° 53' South / 145° 19' East


Currently located 40nm to the NW of Port Davey and experiencing light to moderate E-S/E winds with a 1m SW swell. Current temperature is 9 degrees.