Captain's Log
9 September 2022

Day 4 – Seventeen Seventy Bay

Ahoy there committed readers, Day 4 of our 10 day adventure began with a rested crew ready to conquer any challenges the day threw our way. Our early morning started with a fun game up on deck, then our lovely chef Jarod topped the charts yet again with hearty pancakes and danishes.

With our food settled in our stomaches, we were set for happy hour, impressing Sailmaster Matty once again! Sea Mum (AKA Emma) gave us a navigation brief which we hope to utilise on our voyage. We then commenced climbing aloft and challenged ourselves to venture out to the yards, soaking in the breathtaking view of 1770 Bay.

A well earned rest period was enjoyed by all crew members before eating a lively meal of Turkey, Fish and Potato Wedges prepared by Chef Jarod. After lunch, the 3 watches battled it out for another round of rope wars!! Currently taking the lead is Blue Watch, followed closely behind by White and Red Watch.

Our very own Captain Charlie Farley briefed us on sail theory which we found to be very useful. Our awesome Sailmaster Matty educated the Youthies on square sails, which we then practiced setting and furling the TopSail. The crew then worked together to set sails and take up the anchor saying good bye to 1770 Bay, forecasting to head East.

Chef Jarod out-did himself (again!) with a delicious Butter Chicken, Beef Vindaloo, Daal, Garlic Naan Bread and Caramel Slice for dessert. With all crew members gaining their sea legs (finally), the Youthies prepared for their night watches.


We pay our respects in memory of Queen Elizbeth II.


By  youth crew Jess and Ali.


Shoutout to the Hishon Family – Love and miss you all xx

Shout out to Mum, Dad, Jaz and Kalani- Love you all and miss you xx


24 08 S / 152 07 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: NW at 10kts. Swell: E at 0.5m. Temp: 20