Captain's Log
29 May 2015

Day 36 – At Anchor Porto De Portimao

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 36 of our voyage. How quickly things change on board Young Endeavour. Last night we were sailing along beautifully crossing the Bay of Cadiz the next thing you know here we are tonight at anchor in Porto De Portimao in Portugal. The reason for this unscheduled anchorage is weather avoidance as our forecast for the next 24-36hrs along the West Coast of Portugal and Spain is for extremely strong 35-40kt northerlies which would made it tough going for the Ship and the Crew.  Rather than put everyone through this we requested a short notice DIPCLEAR for Portugal so that we could proceed to anchorage and avoid the worst of this weather. Also Mon has injured her wrist and just to be on the safe side we would like to have a scan/X-ray taken so that Dr Nick can make sure that nothing is broken.  Assisting us in achieving our short notice anchorage and DIPCLEAR was the Australian Embassy in Portugal and MAROPS back in Australia who both provided us with fantastic support. A big thank you from all of the Crew of Young Endeavour for your tireless efforts in getting us this approval it is most appreciated.  As you have probably worked out the World Voyagers have again changed watches and watch names which I must admit confuses me but they seem to enjoy it and it does give them the opportunity to spend time with everyone on board.  Writing tonight’s Log is Minties Watch with Mitch and Mon volunteering to tell you about their day. Enjoy!  Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log: 29May 15  Hey there Groovers! Welcome to day 36 aboard the Young Endeavour on our voyage from Canakkale to Southampton.It was a fine floral Friday as we awoke to smooth seas and sunny weather in the Bay of Cadiz. The strong following winds and accompanying swell had quickly abated overnight, much to the surprise of the Australian crew, whom are used to the lingering weather systems back home. As the Minties came to relieve the Jaffas from their morning watch at 0800, whales were spotted breaching off the starboard quarter! We were then given the privilege of watching three of the majestic beasts cruise past, putting on a spectacular show and wowing their audience. Shortly afterwards a large pod of dolphins frolicked on their way North.  At the morning briefing we were informed that we would have the opportunity to see Portugal! Cap’n Gav and the team had decided that anchoring for a short period to allow some horrid weather to pass was in the best interests of the crewies. It will also provide the opportunity for Mad Mon to pop ashore visit the local Vet to get X-rays on her gumpy flipper. We then plunged into Happy Hour, focussing on the “Nooks and Grannies”.  Minties plus friends then layed aloft to sea furl the squares, remove the cover and ungasket the illusive “Fisherman’s Sail” – a yet to be seen masterpiece of nautical engineering. Jenko cooked up a storm, providing dahlicious chicken nachos, much to the delight of staff and crew. After a wee siesta, Ropies – the non-competitive competition between watches, was hosted by the resident Monkey Man, Lindsay. Hilarity ensued, as it always does, with the highlight being most crew members pouring milk over their own heads. While the mood was high, Taffy set up a PT circuit and proceeded to embarrass everyone who thought they were fit…  To cool down from the session in true Young Endeavour style we set and furled some sails including, for the first time, the fisherman’s sail!  As a reward, a pool party was arranged on deck! All the crewies and some staffies got down and danced the arvo away under a shower of cool Atlantic water. During this everyone was feeling a bit sandy as a Sandstorm (Darude) had hit the deck.  Some much needed deck time to dry off then into another spectacular feast by Jenko. Minties then resumed watch, and as we type Kirra is helming this mighty steed towards the coast of Portugal as Derry Doyle (DERRY DOYLE), Matt and Jacob (YAK) serenade the bridge on ukuleles.  The seas are smooth, the sun is shining and life is sweet aboard the Young Endeavour.  Yours Aye, Mitch and Mon.From Doyle: A big shout-out to all my family – still thinking of you all and sending you my salty love from across the 7 seas. Well done to T.Doyle for graduating… took you long enough, but you got there eventually! I’m sure grandma will clear space in the honour board for a photo.Nikki – Hey mum and dad. I saw some whales! It was very cool. My love to you and the rest of the family, including Eli. Also, you might be receiving something in the mail… just saying.Hey Mum and Dad, the Kelly’s and OSCC…All going well, having a ball as always. Feeling rather tough climbing constantly and heaving on lines- have some reasonable calluses (for my standard) coming along. Pretty incredible seeing whales this morning! Hope everything is going well at home, looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Happy Birthday for the 7th of June Ab! Love you all xxHello Spreyton and 2/3 Crowden,Hope all is going well, am currently looking out of a window looking at Portugal! Very cool- it was crazy to be at Gibraltar earlier, be in an English Country, see Spain to our right and then overlook the Strait of Gibraltar and see Morocco, AFRICA! It’s amazing. Have a wonderful next few weeks! Will see you soon! Miss Murfet xx” 


37° 6' North / 8° 32' West


Currently at anchor just to the west of Porto De Portimao Harbour and experiencing moderate NW winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 19 degrees.