Captain's Log
V04/19 Hobart to Sydney
16 February 2019

Day 3 – Wineglass Bay to Coles Bay…On Foot!

Ahoy shipmates…welcome to Day 3 and some dry land action. After a comfortable overnight passage from Port Arthur, we arrived at anchor in Wineglass Bay around 0730 this morning. After breakfast and a quick morning brief, the youth crew and their watch leaders were ferried ashore to the eastern end of Wineglass Bay, from where they hiked along the beach, over the Hazard Mountains, and into Coles Bay. A skeleton crew of staff remained onboard to sail the ship around the Freycinet Peninsula, through Schouten Passage and into Coles Bay to meet our intrepid adventurers. By 1400 all were back onboard in Coles Bay and Navigator Jerome gave the Navigation Brief…important stuff in preparation for our Bass Strait transit and the upcoming Command Day. On completion they youth crew broke up into their watches to go through some further sail handling and deck safety drills, and some went for a climb to consolidate their skills and gain confidence. It was then time for the first teak deck bbq of the trip…always a highlight, although blustery conditions made it a bit cool on deck, and salad was flying everyone. No-one went hungry though, thanks to Zac, Horto, Jerome and Daz…the gun bbq team! Once dinner was cleared away we held 3 way talks, where the youth crew are divided into groups of 3 and have to learn a bit about their shipmates in order to present to the rest of the crew…not as themselves but as one of the other members of their group. It was obvious that everyone had made an effort and the 3 ways was not only very informative, but highly entertaining…lots of fun. As I write, Jerome has just given the anchor watch brief as the youth crew will be assisting in keeping the ship safe at anchor overnight…no small responsibility! We have an early start tomorrow as we head up the north east coast of Tassie and into Bass Strait…the real fun begins! That’s it for now…until tomorrow fair winds, Captain Kenny.


42 07s / 148 16e


Wind: Light and variable Weather: Overcast Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Coles Bay