Captain's Log
V03/19 Sydney to Hobart
2 March 2019

Day 3 – Square Sails and Bass Strait

Ahoy shipmates…Day 3…a beauty. After a relatively comfortable transit overnight, we have made good ground to the south under a full press of square sails and following seas/breeze. As I write we are about half way across Bass Strait. A southerly change is expected overnight which may slow us a little, however we are still on track for Wineglass Bay, arriving sometime Tuesday morning. That’s it from me…over to white watch. Fair winds…Captain Kenny

Captain’s Log – Day 3
This morning we were awoken by the sweet dulcet tones of Kenny Rogers. Fuelled by another delicious breakfast from Jenko we were ready and rearing to start the day. We were blessed with the first appearance of Salty at this mornings brief. Salty provided many smiles and then Patty, Sammy and Ash impressed us with their Spicks and Specs style readings. Pat did an excellent rendition of Ocean Alleys ‘Confidence’.
Another first for this voyage (and missed by many) was Happy Hour which was well overdue after our visit from the Green Goblin. Many of you will be glad to know the Green Goblin has finally been vanquished and your loved ones are back to their bright eyed and bushy tailed selves. White watch brushed up on their knot tying skills and spotted their first dolphins of the trip.
Finally on day 3 we were introduced to each other. Up at the bridge in a nice and cosy gathering we took turns telling the group about ourselves, our voyages and what we have been doing since our first voyage. It was amazing to see how diverse our group is and despite all of our differences we are brought together by our love and passion for the Young Endeavour.
After another scrumptious meal from Jenko we attempted to burn off the mountain of guacamole with an EGGstravaganza of afternoon activities. These activities included an egg and spoon race relay around the deck, long distance throwing of (raw) eggs and finally an aerodynamics design challenge. We are not pleased to announce that Blue watch won after Red and White watch cracked under the pressure (what a yolk!). Many of us then scrambled back to our bunks for a well deserved afternoon siesta. Can gladly say that pirate school is going well as our sailing skills are improving rapidly and camaraderie between shipmates is at an all time high. With full bellies, a lovely southerly breeze and brilliant sunshine we are making excellent time towards Wineglass Bay. The Bass Strait has been positively delightful to sail through, not sure what all the fuss is about!
Love you Mum and Dad and all of our pets (especially Pippa and Charlie)
Horto is da man!
Love Eliza, Michelle and the rest of White watch.


39 03s / 149 23e


Wind: NNE at 6kts Weather: Fine and hazy Swell: E at 1.0m Course: 200 Speed: 7kts Location: Bass Strait