Captain's Log
V05/21 Newcastle to Brisbane
6 August 2021

Day 3 – Shoal Bay, Tomaree Head…and to Sea!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 3 and back at sea! After keeping the youth crew busy all day, including some brief time ashore, we are now underway heading north. Unfortunately that is exactly where the wind and seas are coming from…consequently we are motor-sailing into a 24 knot headwind, making good about 4 knots. The wind is forecast to ease and swing to the west overnight…should allow for some more sails up tomorrow, fingers crossed. That’s about it from me, once again our very eloquent youth crew have filled in further detail below. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-Ahoy there from the Youthies of Young Endeavour!
Last night we all experienced our first night of ‘mini’ watches in preparation for our real watches out at sea. Our task was to watch the anchor and record the ship’s movements throughout the night, to ensure that it wasn’t dragging from its original position.
Awoken by our usual cheery music, we began our routine of colours and briefs from the crew with a beautiful sunrise over Nelson Bay. From here we made our way to Shoal Bay, where we anchored and travelled to shore via the RHIB. Once ashore we gathered as a group and trekked up the steep incline of Mt. Tomaree. After finally accomplishing the peak of the mountain, we were rewarded with an amazing view of the bay and particularly the sight of grand Young Endeavour at anchor. Enjoying our last hour on land, we all stocked up on goodies at the local IGA; important necessities like lollies and chocolate were at the top of everybody’s shopping list.
Greeted by an amazing lunch back at our boat home, we demonstrated knowledge of each other through ‘three way chats’. Some interesting life stories and fun facts about our fellow Youthies came to light! Next we battled it out with our new found sailing knowledge, with a ‘rope challenge’.
Long awaited, it was time to set sails, learn to tack and furl. We split up into our watches and learnt how to unfurl all of the sails, working as a team and keeping each other motivated! We zig-zagged our way along the coastline, as we put into practice our tacking knowledge, improving with every time. After we were confident with our tacking skills, we worked as a team to furl the sails and time was ours until dinner!
We were lucky enough to spot some dolphins and whales in this time, a small group of us sat out on the bowsprit. We’ve enjoyed another lovely meal for dinner, including roast pork and ravioli and are now preparing ourselves for our watch times tonight. En route to Coffs Harbour we are all excited for the next few days of adventure.
Jess & Lauren (hi mum and ari)


32 36s / 152 27e


Wind: N at 20+ knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Moderate Course: 057 Speed: 4 knots Location: South of Seal Rocks