Captain's Log
V02/17 Stanley (TAS) to Geelong (VIC)
17 January 2017

Day 3 – Sea Legs and Seas Miles

Good evening All,

Good passage overnight with some assistance from the current running through Banks Strait. Blue Watch this morning got us up to 11 knots – yeah! After morning brief we motor sailed up the eastern coast of Flinders Island doing some more sail practice, this time with the mainsail and the larger jib at the bow of the Ship. We then went to tacking stations, manoeuvering the Ship under sail alone. It is a complex evolution but after a few attempts we got into a good rythm. We again enjoyed a wonderful feast for lunch and it made me think that if an Army marches on its stomach then surely we must sail on our stomachs. It never ceases to amaze me how much the Crew can eat – please don’t tell my wife I had ice cream.

After lunch we conducted our first Rope Races. Our Engineer Sumo gets one person from each watch at the middle of the deck and asks them to go and touch an item such as a piece of safety equipment or part of the sail and rigging. Each person has a turn with much laughter and cheering for both successful and not-so-successful attempts. The winning watch gets a prize at the end of the Voyage – all will be revealed. Having had some good sailing we all thought it would be nice to have a little break. We anchored this afternoon in the lee of Sellars Point about half way along the eastern shore of Flinders Island. Fortunately (and for me the first time in three attempts) conditions were suitable to get the boat ashore. The Youth Crew proceeded ashore for a (cold) swim and stretch along the beach. Great they could get some solid ground under their feet. Carrie took everyone through some sport to keep us all entertained. As I type the tired salty sea dogs are returning on board. After dinner we will weigh anchor and proceed north along the Flinders Island coastline before shaping course to the north-west where we will proceed to Deal Island.

More on that tomorrow but for now take care … and P.S. I am led to believe there are a few pics on the website of us setting the mainsail earlier today. Will try and post more in the coming days.

Dave J
Voyage Captain


40 Deg 00.0 Min South / 148 Deg 18.0 Min East


Weather has been mixed throughout the day with periods of sunshine and periods of overcast sky and very slight showers but not enough to impact the program (can't make up our minds if it is warm or cold). The wind remained as planned overnight with temperatures varying between 12 and 17 degrees (it is usually a bit cooler out here at sea). There was minimal swell and by this morning the sea state was slight.