Captain's Log
7 January 2016

Day 3 – Light Conditions

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. The conditions remained light overnight and by morning brief we were located 8nm east of Cape Capricorn sailing downwind under all three squares.

Due to the light winds we had only sailed 46nm since departing Gladstone but given the short distance of this voyage it doesn’t really matter as we are right on track with our training program.

During the day we conducted both Rule of the Road and Navigation briefs and also introduced the Youth Crew to their first set of ‘Rope Races’.

Late this afternoon we were still experiencing light winds and calm seas so given these conditions we decided to hand in all sail and give everyone the opportunity to have a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water of the Capricorn Coast. Interestingly while everyone was in the water we were visited by an inquisitive pod of dolphins who came within 20mtrs of the ship and remained close by whilst everyone were still in the water which gave all of us a thrill.

Early this evening we again brought the ship back under sail and are currently awaiting freshening 10-20kt south easterly winds which have been forecast for later this evening.

Overnight the Youth Crew will remain in their watches and consolidate some navigation training as we continue to make best speed under sail to Great Keppel Island where we hope to anchor sometime tomorrow morning.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


23 20 S / 151 24 E


Currently located 30nm to the SE of Great Keppel Island and are experiencing light to moderate SSW winds with nil swell.Our current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.