Captain's Log
16 September 2013

Day 3 – King Island

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 3 of our voyage. Overnight and during the early hours of this morning we continued to make good speed to the SW and by 0700 this morning we were located only 3nm to the NW of the King Island township of Currie.Following our morning wake-up call all hands mustered on deck to hand in sail and once this was complete we motored the short distance to our planned anchorage which was just outside of Currie Harbour.Once safely at anchor the Returnees were ferried ashore in the Ships RHIB were they where given the opportunity to have good leg stretch, check out the local shops and enjoy a good cup of coffee.                                                            Also while we were at anchor we had a visit from Dale (Nickname Dale dug a hole), a Youth Crew member from back in 2011 who is currently working as a builder on King Island. It\’s funny how previous Youth Crew manage to pop up in the most remote areas!!By 1200 everyone was back onboard and following another one of Hayden’s amazing lunches the anchor was weighed and we departed King Island.rnOnce underway ship was brought under fore and aft sail and in a freshening 25kt easterly we continued our passage southAt present we are located 30nm to the west of Cape Grim (NW tip if Tasmania) battling strong 30-35kt easterly winds with an unpleasant 3m swell. Our intentions are to remain at sea overnight and continue to make ground down the West Coast of Tasmania to our next anchorage which at this time is planned to be Port DavyUntil tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav   “ 


40° 54' South / 144° 11' East


Currently located 30nm to the west of Cape Grim and experiencing strong 30-35kt winds with a 3m easterly swell.