Captain's Log
V05/19 Sydney to Newcastle
17 April 2019

Day 3 – Jervis Bay, Rope Swing and Dry Land!

Ahoy Shipmates…Day 3. After a pleasant overnight transit we entered Jervis Bay at 0930 and after some activities in the sheltered waters, we came to anchor off the picturesque Honeymoon Bay. The day was filled with happy hour, rope swing off the ship, a shore excursion, cheese platter and teak deck bbq, rope races, 3 way talks and anchor watches…all described below. Conditions remain quite benign so it should be a restful night at anchor. The intent is to depart around midday tomorrow to start our transit north, next stop Broken Bay. The youth crew are coming together nicely and will benefit from a good night’s rest. That’s it from me…I’ll hand you over to Georgia, Emily and Pieter. Fair winds, Captain Kenny…..-…..

Day 3.

Today was the first round of team watches, where each watch was responsible for any tasks that needed to be completed in their allocated time. Some of these included tasks such down the sails and tacking the ship. The three watches took place between 2000-2359 (MIDNIGHT!), 2359-0400 and 0400-0800. During the time that was spent travelling overnight, we effortlessly progressed towards Jervis Bay. This then meant it was time for breakfast before the briefing for the day’s activities and weather and a quick talk of the history of Jervis Bay. Afterwards, it was time for the Youth Crew to begin Happy Hour as we forwarded into the bay. Upon arrival in the bay, the anchor was lowered and lunch was served. After lunch, each member of the crew was given the chance to have a quick swim in Jervis Bay, with the offer to enter by rope swing, before heading ashore to complete more activities between the watches, including a tug-of-war and dodge-ball while also getting to know other youth crew via forming groups of three.
After three days of learning epic sailing theory and tackling hands-on drills where team work and a good attitude are necessary, all of the youth crew have grown closer as a team and as friends. Especially after our first visit ashore, a delicious BBQ was had on deck that prompted laughter and further strengthened the bonds between the youth crew. To demonstrate this, after dinner we presented ourselves in our groups of three and took on the persona of our respective group members. For example, I presented myself as James, James presented himself as Anna and Anna presented herself as me. An excellent ice-breaking activity that enlightened my perspective of my fellow crew, revealing that you truly cannot judge a book by its cover. I am confident that tomorrow we will function more effectively and with greater respect towards each other when sailing towards Newcastle (hopefully seeing YOUNG ENDEAVOUR in her full sail glory!).
Three days of the voyage learning a of range of teamwork skills and the ship itself. A few youth crew have been feeling under the weather. We are all learning a lot about the sailing and the crew and what they are like. Everyone is very friendly to each other and everyone is cooperating extremely well.

Georgia H.
Emily S.
Pieter D.


35 03s / 150 46e


Wind: N at 8 kts Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Jervis Bay