Captain's Log
V15/21 Sydney to Sydney
1 December 2021

Day 3 – Jervis Bay jaunt and jolly

Summer has arrived! With Youthies settling into watches overnight, we welcomed the turn of the season with open arms (and open mouths over the ship’s side). After a long night of lookout, rounds, duties at the helm, and even a mast climb or two, the sun broke through the clouds, and an equally packed day soon followed. We began with a hearty breakfast (thanks Jarod and today’s cheffos!), then moved swiftly onto the rousing song and dance of today’s Happy Hour – the cleanest part of the day. Not biased or anything, but we smashed the dancing and the mopping.

A long but enjoyable morning of tacking drills then saw us checking away, heaving in ropes, and bracing the yards, leaving us running in circles upon our entry into Jervis Bay anchoring destination. Lunch on the deck – “al fresco”, in the words of our Sailmaster Kyle – was a unique and memorable experience, but certainly not the only highlight, as we set our sights upon the fast-approaching prospect of a swim at Honeymoon Bay.

After a quick explanation from our Safety Captain Keithy, Youthies and Staffies alike hopped aboard the seaboat and rocketed ashore! Beach games, swimming, and Intergalactic Good Vibes™ were enjoyed by all. Thoughts of seasickness were long gone, instead replaced with crispy red faces and huge grins  We even brought the fun with us back on deck, as the afternoon filled itself with sunbaking, chatter, blueberry muffins, and even an impromptu yoga class!

Now… onto the serious stuff. Tori popped up on deck to give a little lecture in preparation for a big moment for us Youthies – our first independent anchor watches, which we’ll be conducting all through the night. This is a step up for us, so we’re crossing our fingers for some proud Watch Leaders come morning. Nachos for dinner – once again, Jarod is our hero.

Evening descended, bringing with it the culmination of our day’s conversations: the raucous “3-way talks”.Getting to know our shipmates in groups of three, we stole each others’ identities and introduced each other to the rest of the crew. It’s safe to say that this is the hardest we’ve all laughed thus far.

With anchor watches on the horizon (haha – get it?), we’re winding down the evening as we prepare for our overnight responsibilities. We’re tired and a little sore, but having the time of our lives.

Signing off on behalf of the Radical Reddies, Emma, Lily, and Frankie


35 02 S / 150 46 E


Wind: NE @ 10kts. Swell: Nil. Temp: 17. Weather: Lovely.