Captain's Log
V11/19 Gladstone to Brisbane
7 November 2019

Day 3 – Heron Is

Ahoy Thar! Youthies Taylor and Liam reporting: First up, big birthday wishes to staffie extraordinaire and red watch leader KARLY. Day 3 brought many joys to our youthies and staff crew… After a long night of watch keeping by Red, Blue and White (with a couple of whale sightings!) we battled our fatigue and woke to a cracking brekky from in-house legend Marcus. With full bellies, we were treated to more of Salty’s tales. The happiest of hours followed as Young Endeavour continued to make anchor at our next destination…Heron Island! After a brief encounter with the police (admiring our fine sailing lines) we went ashore to Heron, where we fulfilled our dreams of snorkelling with sharks, turtles and eagle rays! After a few hours frolicking in the sunshine we packed our dry bags and returned to the Blue Angel to enjoy a sunset Teak Deck BBQ. After a wonderful feast the youthies were tasked to present our three-way chats. Impersonating each other, we experienced glorious renditions from our fellow youthies’ lives. Although public speaking can be a tad scary all the youthies were brought closer together as we learnt about everyone’s backgrounds and family histories. Three-way chats was also a great time to show-off our impeccable charades skillz. As a reward for our amazing work, but more to celebrate Karly’s birthday, we enjoyed a decadent cake and sang HBD for the 10th time today….!
As the silent hours loom and the Staffies tire, the youth crew are about to keep the ship safe overnight conducting anchor watches – fingers crossed we won’t drag anchor so Nav Harri can sleep soundly until wakey wakey.//
Also, big AHOY to lil-Awin, Jamie and my galz. Miss you guys ~ l o t s ~ xx T-weets…..
Shout out to my family in Pottsville. Hope you are having a great time down there. No, I haven’t fallen off the mast or walked the plank. YET… Love, Liam…..
Shout out to my fam in Noosa! Miss you guys loads xx love, Sally.


23 26.8 S / 151 53.5 E


Wind: NE 10 kts. Sea: 0.3m. Swell: Nil. Temp: 20.