Captain's Log
V14/21 Sydney to Sydney
17 November 2021

Day 3 – Enter the Tasman Sea

Another wakey wakey blasted out into Hunters Bay to rouse the youthies (and the local Mosmanians!) at 0630 this morning. Having said that though, there was a plethora of said locals already out and about in the bay! Swimmers, kayakers, paddle boarders… fit bunch these! Anyway, breaky was smashed then morning brief made everyone aware of our plans for the day. First of which was to ferry these lovely young Aussies of ours ashore for a wee jaunt and jolly upon Balmoral Beach. Whilst on the beach they were required to form groups of three (from each watch) and get to know each other a little better as their next challenge was to prove just how much they learnt, which they would do after lunch. Milkshake and a swim was next before Evan the Boatso ferried everyone back onboard for a lovely lunch. Hooray for Keely the Chef! Then Reggie the Engineer made his usual, but special, appearance as emcee for the famous YE Rope Races. Yay Reggie! Gee some of those youthies can move pretty quick for a semi-competitive game. Then it was time to depart the anchorage as the contractor had fixed our radar. Yay contractor guy! Bye lovely Mosmanians, thanks for having us. Then we shaped a course out through the heads and away to the south-east. Sails were set and we conducted some tacking drills. Phase one of youth crew sail handling complete, now for intermediate training. Youth crew continue to prove themselves worthy… Now to make them seaworthy! Remaining at sea overnight, youthies will conduct 4 hour watches in rotation, taking care of watch on deck, involving helm, lookout and rounds duties. They will also lay aloft to loose the squares at some stage. The fun and adventure doesn’t stop on here, ladies and gents. Stay tuned to hear how the night went and what happens tomorrow. Stay safe friends. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


34 13 S / 151 32 E


Wind: NE @ 10kts. Temp: 17. Swell: S @ 1m. Weather: Fine.