Captain's Log
2 January 2011

Day 3 – Bass Srait

Hi Everyone, Overnight the wind strengthened from the north east which enabled us to set all three squares and put the ship under a full press of sail. By morning brief we were located 20nm to the south west of Wilson’s Promontory enjoying perfect conditions and being entertained by large pods of dolphins. During the day we continued with the training program, completing a navigation brief then introducing the Youth Crew to their first round of ���semi’ competitive rope races. This activity helps the Youth Crew to learn the many lines, sails and parts of rigging that are located onboard Young Endeavour. At 1500, without warning (not forecast) the wind backed to the south west and strengthened to 30-40kts, which provided some exhilarating sailing for both the Youth Crew and Staff with the ship reaching impressive speeds of 11.5kts. These conditions lasted for approximately 4 hours during which time we reduced upper sail then finally clewed-up all squares and came hard onto the wind. Of note, some of the Youth Crew proceeded aloft (climbed the foremast) during this time to assist the Staff with gasketing the square sails which showed a considerable amount of courage and was most appreciated by the Staff and myself. By late evening the wind had again moderated which enabled us again to set upper sail and continue to make good speed along the west coast of Flinders Island towards Banks Strait. At the moment we are located 34nm from the entry to Banks Strait, sailing close hauled under fore and aft sails and making good 6kts of boat speed. Our intentions are to pass through Banks Strait (North Eastern point of Tasmania) during the early hours of tomorrow morning then make our way down to the spectacular Wineglass Bay were we will anchor late tomorrow afternoon.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


40° 16' South / 147° 29' East


Time 2100 - Currently located 16nm to the west of Finders Island and experiencing strong 22-24kt SW winds with a 2m SW swell