Captain's Log
6 May 2014

Day 3 – At Sea

G’day Shipmates,The ship remained at sea overnight making way southwards along the QLD Coast. The Youth Crew each kept their first night watch last night, which means they were awake for 4 hours during the night, keeping the ship safe. The watches got the opportunity to set and furl some sails during their overnight watches in the fresh South-Easterly conditions. At few of the youthies had suffered from sea sickness during the night. Whilst the swell wasn’t very large, no more than 1.5 metres, it was short so the Ship was moving around all the time.Red Watch woke us at 0700 with a song they had written themselves. We had Morning Brief at 0900, at which Jen the Nav explained where we had been in the last 24 hrs. Next ‘Salty’ (Sandy) explained the nautical origin of the expression ‘shake a leg’ and Nana (Lindsey) appeared for the first time, giving the youthies some tips on why they should keep their sleeping areas clean and put all their clothes away in their lockers. After that she taught the youthies their first song, ‘Crabs and Sea Shells’.Morning Brief was followed by ‘Happy Hour’. On completion of Dougie’s Mainsail and Square sail setting brief we altered course to put the wind on the beam and then set the Jib, Mainsail and Topsail. The Ship was then piped to Tacking Stations and we conducted two Tacks and a Wear-ship. The youth crew performed well and I was happy that they displayed a suitable level of competence such that I could call on them during the night for this purpose if necessary, and expect them to perform adequately.After lunch I gave my Sail Theory presentation individually to the watches after which they did some climbing before commencing watches on the deck.It is intended to remain at sea overnight further consolidating watch on deck duties whilst the Ship continues en route to the Whitsunday Islands.Yours, ayeCAPT Mike PS. I have a message from Joh – Ahoy, just wishing Nick a happy birthday today. Have a great night. Love Joh. Over and out! And another from Alex – To Andrea Durman, Happy 26th Birthday! Have a wonderful day. Love, Alex    “ 


18° 26' South / 146° 24' East


Weather: overcast and passing showers, Wind:SE at 18 knots, Swell: 1.5 m from the SE, Temp: 24 deg. C