Captain's Log
V15/19 Eden to Sydney
12 February 2019

Day 3 – A Day Under Sail…and Sea Legs Acquired!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 3…a day spent under sail (mostly). The good news is the youth crew seem to have found their sea legs rather quickly, aided by calmer seas and being kept busy. As I write we are just to the north east of Batemans Bay, with smoke from the bush fires in the area clearly visible…our thoughts are with all those affected. As promised I have enlisted the aid of the youth crew for Captain’s Log, giving you their version of the day’s events. So, without further ado, over to Cassie and Will. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-
Ahoy there sailors and friends!
We started our day off to a very early rise at 0700, after a busy night of our first watches. We were greeted by beautiful weather, low swells and an amazing breakfast, courtesy of our awesome chef Keely. After our feed we set off for a morning brief to the starboard side of the bridge at 0900, where we heard from special guests, James the sail master, Harry the navigator extraordinaire and of course the international jewel of our eyes, Salty. Salty taught us all about S.H.I.T… that of course meaning Store High In Transit, using intriguing personal anicdotes from her relatives. This was followed by a lecture from the boomer generations finest, Nana, on the importance of tidiness, room etiquette and a bit of naming and shaming using dirty clothes collected from our cabins. I think she definitely got the message through to us…

Now it was time to get on with the actual work. We learned to set the Main Gaff Topsail, which is becoming quite intuitive and easy after all this practice. Shortly after we commenced our most joyous hour of the day, Happy Hour, where we scrubbed, scoured and mopped every surface we could find.
Once the ship was spotless fore to aft, we listened and learned in an amazing lesson on Navigation. We found out about locating and tracking the ship and working out its route. I found it really interesting and engaging as it allowed us to better understand how all the apparatus works.
After another delicious meal from Keely, of Mediterranean wraps, we were given a bit of time to relax, filled with card games and bonding with everyone onboard. However, these new bonds were put to the test as the three watches competed in our first ropes race, Blue Watch taking the lead (a short-lived victory since Red Watch is sure to take over). This competition put to the test our knowledge of equipment on board as well as our teamwork skills. This teamwork was further tested as we set the square rigged sails, a new experience for us all.

After a grueling day of activity we were once again greeted by a freshly cooked meal of Nasi Gorang and beef fillet. Most people have finally found their sea legs and so far everyone has been able to keep down their meals. Many of us then went on watch and got to climb the foremast, getting an incredible view of the ship, sunset and surrounding waters.
Overall, today has been an amazing day of learning, experience and mateship, with most of us finally feeling comfortable and confident in our abilities onboard.
Shout out to red watch for being the superior watch in every way conceivable and too all of our families and friends back home.
Cassandra and Will


35 42s / 150 29e


Wind: S at 6 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Mild Course: 025 Speed: 4 knots Location: NE of Batemans Bay