Captain's Log
14 January 2015

Day 25 – Wind at Last

Hi Everyone,                   Welcome to day 25 of our Voyage. Finally late last night the long awaited ‘wind drought’ broke when a moderate 12-17kt north easterly kicked in. Straight away the ship was brought under fore and aft sail and engines shut down. This breeze has now remained with us for the past 18hrs increasing at times to 17kts but for the majority of time has remained around 15kts, which has meant that we have been able to maintain a boat speed of 4-6kts. This may not seem like much when you still have about 1700nm to run but it’s a start, and we know that stronger winds are on the way.Besides the excitement of the wind, today brought a new adventure to Young Endeavour with the launch of a Murder/Mystery game which has involved the whole Crew. Their have been some evil plots and you really do not know who to trust (do we Taff) but only one shall survive! More is revealed in tonight Captains Log which has been well written tonight by Rusty. Enjoy!!Until Tomorrow, Take Care.Yours Aye Captain GavA shaking on the leg wrestled me out of my slumber this morning to the realisation that in 20 minutes, I must meet the cold air and dim light of morning. Five more minutes in my warm rack will do nicely, I think. Suddenly the clock has jumped forward 15 minutes. Now a leisurely pace to put on the many layers to brave the cold has turned into a mad scramble to get up on the bridge to relieve the first watch of the night. After wishing the departing watch a good mornings sleep the rhythm of rounds, fixes and helm duty sets in.Baking bread is a daily routine for the Chef. To give Aaron a bit more sleep each day other crew members have been trained in the art of baking our literal daily bread. Connie and I had the task this morning. Making a double batch for both normal rolls and hamburger buns, we had to work quickly to get the trays in the oven as the dough rose before us. The proof of our work was later to be tasted when we enjoyed burgers and salad for lunch.Calm seas are a blessing and a curse at times. To conserve fuel the main engines have been shut down as an icy breeze powers us along at a rate of but a few knots, the sails providing much welcome stability to the ship. Paige our navigator as usual keeps insisting that wind is on the way and dark ominous clouds on the horizon might vindicate her prediction.Today has also been a sad and tragic day on the Young Endeavour. Not seeing land for at few weeks now has set the crew into a murderous rampage using weapons as crude as pegs, spoons, buckets and mops. Teams of people have been seen hauling terrified victims to their deaths as they grasp at anything to survive. Others have been taken by surprise and do not resist as it is futile. Paranoia has set in amongst the survivors.Not to worry though, it’s just a game of Ship’s Assassin. Each crew member has been given the name of their target, the location and the ‘weapon’ to use all the while someone else is hunting them. In true ‘Hunger games’ style there can only be one winner. May the odds be forever in your favour. The crew is waiting in suspense at who will attain victory in the game organised by Katherine and Darcy that has entertained us throughout the day.A morning sitting of Hour-glass dolphins and potentially 2 Blue whales this evening is a reminder of the world that exists below the waves. With the majority of the earth’s surface being ocean and most of its depths yet to be explored there is little reason to question the sincerity of those that talk of the lure and wonder of the sea and its many mysteries.The crew has fallen into keeping watches for the night but the morning should bring another round of treachery and murder.Your’s AyeRusty (Blue Teal) 


55° 24' South / 119° 28' West


Currently located 1700nm from Cape Horn and enjoying moderated 12-17kt NE winds with a 1m NE swell. Current temperature is 9 degrees with wind chill making it a cool -1 degree.