Captain's Log
1 November 2015

Day 22 – Sunday Sea

Hi Everyone,  Welcome to day 22 of our voyage. Today being Sunday we enjoyed another Sunday routine which meant that the majority of us enjoyed a well deserved sleep in and those that had the morning watch got to jump back into their bunks after breakfast.  Talking of food tonight was Pizza Night!! And Chef Aaron and his assistants Fiona and Sam really put on a pizza feast that any Italian Restaurant would have been proud of.  This was followed by a birthday celebration for Krystin who turned 26 today.  Krystin’s Birthday Cake was baked by Fiona who did a fantastic job especially considering it was baked in a galley where everything has a tendency to move with the motion of the ship.    It is interesting to see how the Crew spend their Sundays; some like to sleep, some prefer to sit down and watch a movie, some exercise and some like Hannah take the time to sit down and reflect on were they are and to write a beautiful Poem which she kindly agreed to share with all of us on tonight’s Log.  Until tomorrow, take care.Yours Aye  Captain Gav  Hannah’s Poem  The sea welcomes me like an old friend She comforts me gently wrapping herself around my fragile body I am nothing to her One speck, one tiny mite Yet she cradles me, gathering me in her arms I glide across her mirrored surface One windswept sailor on a lonely deck She accepts my secrets Without query or hesitation Instead, she smiles warmly And shows me much in her depths Who I was, who I am, Who I might become But there are always two seas The one I sail and the one inside myself This sea has no chart, nor lights to guide me Yet, they are drawn together Like pieces of a dark endless puzzle The sea welcomes me like an old friend And as I glide over her depths, finally I know that I am home.   (Written By Hannah)” 


53° 4' South / 133° 1' West


Currently located 2100nm from Cape Horn and experiencing moderate 10-15kt WSW winds with a 1m SW swell. Current temperature is 10 degrees and with wind chill it is a cool 4 degrees.