Captain's Log
V13/21 Brisbane to Brisbane
19 September 2021

Day 2 – To seadom with love

“Give me a home among the gum trees… with lots of plum trees…” This classic anthem roused us from our slumbers , this morning at anchor Mud Island. The ships company then gathered at midships for a lovely Early Morning Activity (EMA) before breakfast was had. Morning brief took place at 0800 after the traditional Naval Colours ceremony and singing of the Australian National Anthem. Goose bump stuff ladies and gents. Then it was time to introduce our sea puppies to their climbing harnesses, thus harness and safety aloft briefings were conducted. Youth Crew, one and all, then lay aloft the foremast, up one side and down the other. Woohoo. Nothing to it. Well, of course there was. It was definitely not an easy task for most. I told them all that I was very proud of the way that they pushed through their fears and went higher and higher, against their instincts and own expectations. Pretty sure they’re proud of themselves too 😉 Well done. Next was lunch. Yum. Then we weighed anchor and departed the lovely Mud Island shaping course for the north of the bay and out to sea-dom – like freedom you dig? No good?? ok sorry. During the transit out, there was lots of setting and furling practice going on (looks like they know what they’re doing already!!). We departed Moreton Bay just on sunset and kept going north. Youthies will settle into sea watches tonight, with helm, lookout, engineering rounds and environmental data collection duties, to keep them busy. Seas are slight but that hasn’t stopped the old green goblin from making an appearance, causing a few to ‘feed the fish’. Youthies will get their sea legs soon and all will be peachy. Pushing on, we are remaining at sea overnight, plying north. Until tomorrow night. Stay safe and good night. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


26 30.5 S / 153 25.6 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: N @ 12. Temp: 19. Swell: 030 @ 0.5m.