Captain's Log
V10/21 Airlie Beach to Mackay
8 November 2021

Day 2 – To sea to sea

Ahoy there dear readers, what an action packed day, phew!… Up at 0630 for a little early morning activity, we were woken by a lovely tune by Supergrass called “Grace”. It’s Grace’s birthday dont you know!? She had a lovely birthday thanks for asking, except for the sea sickness! whoops.. spoiler!! Just kidding, stomach tough as nails, old Grace. Anyway, Keely cooked us up a choice breaky then we had our morning brief, with Jordo detailing the plan of the day. And then because we have a business hours exemption (well that’s what Jordo reckons), we all lined up for Happy Hour! “You beauty!!” said everyone. Little did they know it was the ships hour of happiness, as we all dusted, mopped and disinfected. Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, she was a very happy ship indeed 🙂

Youthies were introduced to their harnesses next. Thats right, time to lay aloft. Challenge accepted. It was so pleasing to see everyone push their boundaries and exceed their own self belief. They all got up higher than expected. I was a very happy and proud Captain, I must say. Well done them! Then it was time for a bit of a sing song and some birthday cake. Happy Birthday Grace. Lunch was next, yum (note to self: aerobics oz style mister!) – (selfs note back to self: ok). Someone yelled “anchor’s aweigh!” and we proceeded out to sea. Yay said they, as we set and furled and furled and set, the sails that is, okay? (rhyming section). We tacked ship several times to ensure youthies knew the process and yes indeed, they picked up what we put down. Smart lot these!

So then we tacked again and shaped a course for the Whitsundays. Enroute youthies learned the skills of “Watch on deck” meaning steering the ship, lookout duties and rounds. And just as they were about to say, “Gee, we’re a little pooped!” (old nautical expression), the ship came to anchor in the vicinity of Hayman Island. Then we finished our census. Yay us. Intend remaining here overnight with the youthies keeping us safe in their anchor watches. Good night and stay safe. Captain Adam Charlie Farley……..

Shout out from the birthday girl: “Thank you everyone for an awesome birthday! Yes mum, I took my kwells. Grace 🙂 “


20 05.7 S / 148 54.1 E


Wind: SE @ 10. Temp: 19. Swell: Nil. Weather: Fine and clear.