Captain's Log
V04/20 Adelaide to Melbourne
14 February 2020

Day 2 – Gulf of St Vincent

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. The Young Endeavour Crew awoke at 0630 to an overcast and pleasantly cooler Adelaide morning. Following an early morning activity and one of Chef Keely’s Big Breakfasts the Youth Crew were mustered on deck and given a harness and climbing brief before undertaking their first climb of Young Endeavours foremast with everyone successfully making it to the topgallant yard (highest yard) which was a fantastic effort. At 1100 with everyone safely back on deck we departed our anchorage and commenced our transit south through the Gulf of St Vincent and following a full day of sail work are now transiting through the Backstairs Passage and into the Southern Ocean. That’s enough from me I will now handover to Red Watchs Zeke and Jayden who have done a wonderful job of writing tonight’s Log. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav

“Hear, and I forget, see and I remember, do and I understand”. It was probably at these words spoken by Captain Gav that the reality and uniqueness of our situation started to sink in. Given to him by a past voyager, I think it dawned on us all how incredibly lucky we were to be here, with such a fantastic (Blake – magnificent beard) staff crew, such incredible fellow youth voyagers, and on such an amazing ship with a powerful history and tradition. The youth crew started at 0630, some faster than others, as we made our way out onto the deck to do laps until the last person groggily hobbled their way up the hatch, leading us then into safety briefs, all culminating on a breathtaking climb up the fore mast cheered and supported along the way by our Staffies. The rest of the day was filled with training to set and release ropes and sails, shouting strong and growing together as a family as we passed through the gulf of St Vincent, with a brief visit from 2 baby dolphins checking us out. The Galley supported by youth crew from each team produced the most incredible food, and more than once we found ourselves wandering towards the vents on the deck, drooling at the smells coming up from below, and jamming to the awesome playlist that seemed to run all day. It all came to a head just after Dinner, our first real trial, as the call was given “all watches to meet at midships”, and we scrambled to meet it. Before stand-down and the beginning of First Watch we were as a whole crew, to set and furl the Staysails and Main, and tack them (change directions) no less than twice; with each team finishing its task, then heading rapidly to the jib sheets so ultimately the whole crew could set the most difficult and powerful sail. “two…six…….HEAVE”, the stopper was set, the lines tied, and the final call was given as we stepped back to look at the sheer awesomeness of what we had achieved, as the wind filled the sail full and the ship sped off and listed quite some way to starboard. This group of strangers who met not 36 hours ago now finished the day a lot closer than they were before, and all the more excited for the rest of the voyage for it.
It’s 2150 now, and as Blue and White have long since headed off to sleep, Red Watch stand on watch from 2000 till 0000, having the blessing to watch the sun set through the haze of gentle rain, and awake hopefully to another warm, bright and challenging day on the STS Young Endeavour.
Zeke and Jayden
PS. Ahoy to Lisa, Lily, Jack, Shaz and Jarrad from Carly!
PPS. Thanks bro, I have only vomited once – Louie
PPPS. Love to my parents-Zeke


35 39.8 S / 138 04. 1 E


Currently transitting through the Backstairs Passage and experiencing moderate to strong SSE winds with a.5m SE swell. The temperature is 18 degrees and we are experiencing the occasional passing shower.