Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
29 July 2021

Day 2 – Fitzroy Is to sea

Ahoy there, dear readers. The morning of day 2 found us soundly anchored in the lee of the lovely Fitzroy Island and as the sun rose over the gorgeous Coral Sea, our youthful mariners were up and at ’em. After an early morning activity, breakfast and morning brief, our Youthies were introduced to their climbing harnesses, completing an inspection and buddy checks before laying aloft the foremast. Climbing to the topgallant yard was a tall order both literally and figuratively but our challenge was accepted and the youth crew gave it their all. They pushed past their fears and exceeded their own expectations. I was super proud of our sea puppies, but more challenges await… Just like our lunch, which was waiting for us as we descended back to main deck level (note to self: portion control!). Anyway, we weighed anchor and a little thing we call Happy Hour was next, as our youthful charges were instructed in the fine art of cleaning the ship. Of course this objective had the desired effect as ear to ear smiles abounded, as they dusted, mopped and polished. Then back up on deck for sail handling lessons (whip cracks!). Each watch took turns setting and furling fore-and-aft sails, and when watch leaders reported sound progress was being made, we set the mainsail and braced the yards. Unfortunately the winds were not in our favour, so we handed in all sail and motored south. The sunset over the Far North Queensland coast was stunning and as night fell, youth crew turned-to for watches on the open bridge, where they will learn and perform helm, lookout and rounds duties overnight. Their apprenticeship has begun in earnest and the realisisation has sunk in that they’re not on a cruise after all! Yours Aye, Captain Adam Charlie Farley.


17 33.5 S / 146 12.6 E


Sea/swell: Less than 1m. Wind: Light and variable. Temp: 22. Beautiful clear, starry night.