Captain's Log
V18/18 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 July 2018

Day 2 – Climbing,Setting and Furling…and Whales!

Ahoy Shipmates, and welcome to Day 2. After a damp night at anchor, Young Endeavour awoke bright and early (0600) to clearing skies. After a quick breakfast the Youth Crew proceeded aloft one watch at a time, with all successfully making it to the Topsail Yard. We would normally go Top Gallant but we were pressed for time in what would prove to be a very busy day. Once the last of our intrepid adventurers was safely back on deck, we weighed anchor and departed Moreton Bay. On the way out we conducted morning brief, hearing from Sailmaster James, Navigator Jerome, Salty (aka Jordo – our resident expert on the origins of nautical terminology) and myself. Happy hour followed (as described below) and then it was time for lunch. The afternoon saw Captain Safety give a thorough brief on all the ship’s safety equipment, before the Youth Crew commenced setting and furling drills…and the Green Goblin emerged! Late in the afternoon we set a full press of fore and aft sails, then conducted a series of tacks, ensuring the Youth Crew were familiar with their respective responsibilities when tacking (turning) the ship. After a delicious meal from Marcus, we rolled into watches overnight and the introduction of watch on deck responsibilities (helm, lookout and rounds). As I type we are motorsailing south in very pleasant conditions. But enough from me…I’ll let the boys give you their version of events. Until tomorrow…fair winds…Captain Kenny – Sunday 7th:
The day is best summarised with an image of sickly bodies strewn over the deck, and the pleasant sound of retching. This was a challenge which overcame many of the youth crew – although fortunately not your two faithful authors – who powered through the days activities. We woke up to some moderate rainfall and low winds, which remained constant as the day developed into a beautiful sunny afternoon on the water. We were first given the opportunity to climb the rigging, with most of us easily making it up to the topsail yard giving us a nice view of Tangalooma and its wrecks. We were enticed with the idea of a ‘happy hour’, which we later found out was actually a con for slave labour (cleaning the ship). Once motored out of the bay, the watches took part in deck safety training, and put the sail handling we had learned into practice. Later in the day, after a delicious lunch, the youth crew banded together, and were tested with a series of tacks and wears. Currently, at 6:45, with our bellies full of duck curry and steak, we are making our way down the eastern coast of North Stradbroke island, as we learn to fear the dreaded night watches and all the tiredness and coldness they entail.
Until next time – Jack T and Oscar B!


27 46s / 153 37e


Wind: E at 11 knots Weather: Overcast with scattered showers Swell: SE at 1.0 m Course: 180 true Speed: 7 knots Location: Off Southport, Gold Coast