Captain's Log
V05/20 Geelong to Melbourne
3 October 2020

Day 2 – Bass Strait

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. It’s been an action packed day with plenty of activities and the weather gods have smiled upon us with some favorable winds and some good sailing. That’s enough from me I will now handover to Scott and Carolyn who have done a wonderful job of writing tonight’s Log. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav

Day 2 – the sound of music awoke an enthusiastic youth crew at 0630 for a few laps around the deck and a fabulous view of the beginnings of a sunrise over Geelong Harbour. Then it was time for a lovely breakfast and morning brief, with a visit from Salty who taught us all about some nautical terms such as S.H.I.T. This was followed by our first “happy hour” – where the youthies all tried their best to make the ship squeaky clean. We then set sail under motor and made our way across the very calm Port Phillip Bay throughout the day. We then had a safety talk from “captain safety” including demos on liferafts, life jackets and thermal suits. Then it was time for a delicious lunch including chicken, duck curry, and pasta salad. After lunch we got into finally starting to practice setting and furling some sails. Then we played some deck games and were lucky to see a large pod of dolphins which was very exciting. Then it was time to go through “the Rip” and into Bass Strait – everyone was excited and keen, and everyone thought that they were not going to get seasick – but about half an hour after putting up the sails, we began to realize that we may have severely underestimated the sea. With many youthies giving the dolphins a full blown meal over the side of the ship, it was certainly a great challenge for all. Dinner was then served, with some lovely roast lamb and fried rice with a dessert of cookies and cream cheesecake and fruit salad – for the few youthies who could dare to eat at this point. Then it was all hands to tacking stations as we all got to practice tacking and wearing the ship. This was a big challenge but eventually a success for those that were simultaneously chucking up, or feeling a little under the weather. Thankfully some youthies have now recovered, although others are still recovering up on deck. We will all be keeping our first overnight watches tonight, which will undoubtedly be a test for those that are already very tired after a long and busy day! Carolyn – shoutout to my mum, dad and friends, I’m having a fabulous time and am feeling good after throwing up four times! Scott – Shoutout to mum and nan, I’m fine having the time of my life and yes I have been sick but have not thrown up yet!!
We have many days ahead of ourselves and we can’t wait until they come around!
Until Next Time,
Scott, Carolyn (C-Dog)


38 29.7 S / 144 17.2 E


Currently located 18nm to the SSW of Port Phillip Bay sailing under fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate-strong 15-18kt ESE winds with a 1.5m SE swell. The temperature is 16 degrees and our current boat speed is 5kts.